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UBE Introduces Hyperdispersants Series for Water-based Printing Inks & Coatings

Published on 2022-07-26. Edited By : SpecialChem

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UBE Introduces UBEDISP® AW Hyperdispersants Series UBE develops UBEDISP® AW hyperdispersants series which are low viscosity polymeric wetting and dispersant additives designed for water-based printing inks and coatings for stabilizing inorganic particles, such as pigments, fillers and metallic nanoparticles among others.

Provides Viscosity Reduction and Robust Stabilization

UBEDISP® AW hyperdispersants provide a viscosity reduction and robust stabilization against sedimentation through a unique steric stabilization mechanism. It also shows an excellent dispersion of inorganic particles, resulting an improved dispersion and better rheological behavior even at pigment high loadings.

After the coating application, a higher hiding power and color strength are achieved, allowing richer and more vibrant colors.

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Water-based printing inks and coatings are facing a rapid expansion in a wide range of applications to cover and protect surfaces and materials, offering excellent results with more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Water-based pigmented inks comprise the binder dispersed in water with several charges and additives, such as hyperdispersants, to tune up the right balance between the printing behavior and the required performance.

Source: UBE


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