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Troy at ECS 2015: Exhibits Preservatives, Performance Additives and more for Inks & Coatings

Published on 2015-04-22. Author : SpecialChem

FLORHAM PARK, NJ --Troy is introducing several new, innovative products of interest to European manufacturers and formulators at the European Coatings Show 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany (Hall 7A, Stand 7A-125). Troy representatives are available to discuss expert technical service and regulatory support for a full line of advanced dry-film & wet-state preservatives, performance additives, and metal carboxylates.
New technologies that Troy is showcasing at ECS 2015 are described below. Troy is also delivering product presentations on these new materials at the European Coatings Congress

Advanced Technology Products (Atp): Polyphase® 864cr & 663 Aqueous Dry-Film Preservatives

Visitors to the Troy exhibit learn about the performance characteristics and properties of new Polyphase® 864CR, which incorporates Troy’s proprietary controlled-release technology; as well as Polyphase® 663 fungicide + algaecide. These preservatives exhibit excellent long-term performance and resistance to excessive leaching, in addition to superior UV stability. Both IPBC-based broad-spectrum dry-film preservatives offer safe-use and environmental advantages, as well as performance at very low use levels, translating into excellent cost-in-use.

Polyphase® 963 Broad-Spectrum Fungicide + Algaecide for Solvent-Based Wood Applications

Manufacturers of solvent-based wood protective paints and stains are witnessing increased demand for protection against both fungi and algae in their formulated products. In anticipation of this trend, Troy Corporation developed Polyphase® 963, a new broad-spectrum fungicide + algaecide for enhanced performance, environmental responsibility, and the lowest cost-in-use in wood protection for solvent-based applications. Polyphase® 963 offers unparalleled performance, as shown in long-term exposure testing on wood substrates in climates prone to severe fungal and algal growth. Polyphase® 963 has a low hazard profile and is a low VOC product, free of formaldehyde and APE, making the dry-film preservative ideal for today’s ‘green’ systems.

Polyphase® 978 Full-Spectrum Fungicide for Solvent-Based Wood Protective Coatings

Troy developed Polyphase® 978 to provide long-term protection against mold and fungal attack in today's low VOC, solvent-based wood protective coatings. The sustainable, highly effective fungicide features low VOCs and broad system compatibility in both clear and pigmented exterior solvent-based stains, as well as non-aqueous paints, coatings, and caulking compounds. Polyphase® 978 does not change the appearance of wood or have any influence on its coatability. The advanced dry-film preservative also poses fewer handling risks than conventional products, making it an excellent choice for modern wood coatings that end-use customers demand. Polyphase® 978 offers performance, safe-use, and cost advantages that give your wood coatings the edge in the marketplace.

Troykyd® D209W Solvent-Free Defoamer for Aqueous Performance Coatings

Manufacturers of aqueous high-gloss and wood coatings now have a new solvent-free, high-performance additive that eliminates foam without compromising surface appearance or integrity: Troykyd® D209W. Highly compatible Troykyd® D209W offers excellent defoaming functionality in a broad range of aqueous systems, including high-gloss and wood coatings, both clear and pigmented, as well as other end-use areas, including spray applied systems, performance industrial coatings, inks, and adhesives. With a solvent-free composition, Troykyd® D209W is an excellent choice for environmentally ‘green’ coatings.

Troysperse™ ZWD1 Performance Dispersant for Aqueous Systems

Troy is also introducing Troysperse™ ZWD1, an advanced, 100% active liquid dispersing and pigment wetting additive for aqueous coating and printing ink applications. The product is especially effective for the preparation of aqueous color pigment concentrates utilizing organic color pigments. Troysperse™ ZWD1 is formulated for excellent color development, fast dispersion time, high gloss, and high pigment loading. The additive is also effective at low use levels, resulting in optimal cost performance. What’s more, Troysperse™ ZWD1 contributes zero VOCs to finished products, allowing more latitude in the formulation of ‘green’ products.

About Troy

Troy Corporation develops and manufactures specialty materials that enhance the properties and performance of its customers’ products and processes, and is helping manufacturers meet requirements for compliance and sustainability. Founded in 1950, Troy is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey with sales offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Troy materials are used and available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Source: Troy

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