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Toyocolor at CARBONext: to Showcase Lionanocâ„¢ Series of CNT Jet Black Coatings, Inks & more

Published on 2014-09-10. Author : SpecialChem

TOKYO, Japan --Toyocolor Co., Ltd. has announced that it will showcase a new lineup of carbon nanotube-related materials at CARBONext, the Carbon Fiber & Processing Machines Exhibition & Conference. CARBONext features carbon fiber materials and related technology and machinery for molding and processing, and recycling. It is one of seven specialized exhibitions comprising the N+ (N-Plus) trade event, which focuses on materials and technologies that address issues facing today's end-product manufacturers.

Toyocolor is making its first appearance at CARBONext, to be held at the Tokyo Big Site in Tokyo from September 17 to 19. Visitors to the Toyocolor booth at E-08, East Hall, will get a chance to see the company's carbon nanotube products and solutions based on Toyo Ink Group core technologies, in particular its original dispersion technology.

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Materials

Lionanoc™ series of CNT jet black coatings and inks, conductive inks and transparent conductive materials will be on display at the Toyocolor booth. Lionanoc jet black coatings and inks are capable of imparting a luxurious black color to end-products due to their flat permeability characteristics in the visible light region.

Lionanoc conductive inks retain maximum CNT and resin properties as CNT dispersion is performed without a dispersant.

Lionanoc transparent conductive coatings combine high conductivity with high transparency.

Lioplax™ series of carbon black compounds and high conductive compounds formed by using Toyocolor's unique CNT design to facilitate the dispersion of various types of binders and solvents. Lioplax carbon black compounds give a luxurious black color to automobile interiors, electronics casings and other surfaces, due to an optical confinement effect generated in the CNT network.

Lioplax high conductive compounds demonstrate high conductivity while having a low density of carbon nanotubes.

In addition, Toyocolor offers a wide array of functional dispersions to meet the functional requirements of customers' applications, based on the company's original nano-dispersion technology and damage-less dispersion technology of metal particles.

About Toyocolor Co., Ltd.

Leveraging its proven expertise in developing high quality, high purity organic pigments, Toyocolor is a manufacturer of original color and functional materials that provide high color and high performance for the electronics, energy-related, automotive, printing, coatings and daily commodities, among other markets. A central operating company of the Toyo Ink Group, Toyocolor oversees the Group's Colorants and Functional Materials business segment, including its production bases in Shizuoka, Shiga, Chiba and Okayama in Japan.

Source: Toyocolor Co., Ltd.

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