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Toyo Ink Presents Lioduras™ Series of UV-curable Hard Coat Agents and more

Published on 2014-11-26. Author : SpecialChem

 SHANGHAI, China and Tokyo, Japan -- Shanghai Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd., Toyochem Co., Ltd. and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.—all members of the Toyo Ink Group—announced that they will be jointly exhibiting in the 13th China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen Exhibition (C-Touch). The event takes place at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, China.

C-Touch is one of the world’s top touchscreen events catering to China’s fast-growing electronics industry. Shanghai Toyo Ink Mfg. aims to further strengthen the Toyo Ink Group’s brand power in the expanding China market through new product launches, in keeping with the Group’s approach to broadly expanding its business.

At its booth F201 in Hall 1, the Toyo Ink Group showcases its latest touch panel-related materials and solutions developed to meet critical customer requirements, leveraging the company’s core competencies of proprietary materials design and advanced processing technology.

Key Toyo Ink Group Products on Display

The Lioduras™ series of UV-curable hard coat agents offers various functions such as refractive index regulation or fingerprint resistance. The LIOELM™ FS series of OCA tapes with refractive index regulating function will also be featured.

The LIOELM™ TSS™ series of electromagnetic shielding films are specially designed to meet strict shielding demands. The TSS™200 series is designed with a simplified two-layer shielding structure that results in superior gap-fill properties. In addition, the TSS™300 series thin-type shielding films will be on display.

The LIOELM™ TSC200 series of conductive adhesive sheets demonstrate excellent conductivity and strong adhesion.

The LIOELM™ TCL500 / TSU™500 series of low dielectric materials reduces transmission losses by using an original low dielectric resin and contributes to the widening of printed-circuit lines or the narrowing of gaps between lines.

The REXALPHA™ series of high-resolution conductive silver pastes for fine circuit pattern formation is Toyo Ink’s latest solution for the printed electronics market.

The CYABINE™ series of polyurethane-based pressure-sensitive adhesives for touch panels exhibits excellent wettability.

About Toyo Ink Asia Ltd.

Since 1988, Toyo Ink Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group, has been trading and selling inks, graphic arts related materials and machineries, adhesives and pigments. Moreover, Toyo Ink Asia markets Group-produced materials for the electronic peripheral market, such as electromagnetic shielding films, hard coat agents, adhesives and silver pastes.

About Toyochem Co., Ltd.

Toyochem oversees the Toyo Ink Group’s Polymers and Coatings-related business segment as a core operating company. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company has two production facilities in Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture and Kobe City in Hyogo Prefectures, Japan. Based on the Toyo Ink Group’s polymer design technologies accumulated over a century of product development, Toyochem produces polymers, adhesive tapes, marking films and coatings for a wide array of fields. 

Source: Toyo Ink Group

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