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The Shepherd Color Company Unveils IR Black Colorant for Coatings

Published on 2020-06-26. Author : SpecialChem

black-pigmentThe Shepherd Color Company unveils Black 10P925, a cost-effective IR Black colorant. It is optimized for masstone applications where the most neutral masstone color is required with the highest total solar reflectance (TSR) and lowest heat build-up (HBU) to meet performance and regulatory requirements. It is compatible with polymers, inorganic binders and shows high resistance to acid, base, UV and chemical attack. BLACK 10P925 is composed of chromium & iron and has low soluble iron for stability in PVC-based materials.

Characteristics of New IR Black Pigment

Shepherd Color has spent the last 40 years developing, optimizing, and manufacturing IR Black pigments. Based on the new balance of properties needed for the recycling application, they were able to design, prototype and scale up an IR Black pigment to meet this new need. This IR Black pigment advancement is Black 10P925. The pigment is optimized for infrared sorting of plastics and has the following characteristics:
  • Jet masstone color
  • Non-magnetic
  • Survives multiple extrusions
  • Single pigment solution
  • Widely listed on chemical registries for global supply
  • Food packaging compliance in key EU market

Black 10P925 is used in coatings, coloring plastic articles used for producing, packaging and transporting food.

Black is a popular color used for plastic packaging, which is mostly carbon black pigment. The carbon black pigmentation absorbs the light from the emitter used in plastic sorting centers, which prevents the sensor from identifying the polymer used, so the material is then rejected and not recycled.

Shepherd Color’s R&D expertise develops products that provide unique tools to solve the challenges of customers in the coatings and plastics industries.

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