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The new primer fillers made by Glasurit

Published on 2007-10-10. Author : SpecialChem

Munster -- To help bodyshops work even better and more efficiently, Glasurit is constantly perfecting its products and services. Recently, it was the undercoat materials that were up for review. The main changes in a nutshell: Glasurit's primer fillers are now even easier to sand and dry even faster.

Glasurit's new primer fillers are now even easier to sand and dry even faster
Glasurit's new primer fillers are easier to sand and dry faster.

Reducing process times

Time is money, and that also applies to work in the bodyshop. From this point of view, the new primer fillers help to reduce process times - and hence produce real cash savings. Compared to the situation before, the new primer fillers have had their drying times reduced by up to 17 percent! Their improved sandability also has a positive impact on process times.

Another improvement: a new standard primer filler

285-500 HS primer Filler grey is the name of the new standard primer filler for the automotive bodyshop. Its excellent technological properties such as first-rate antichip protection make it an ideal base for all high-grade finishes. However, the product offers not only optimal protection - it can also be applied rapidly and reliably. The new primer filler dries in only 25 minutes as against the previous product's 30 minutes - that adds up to a time saving of 17 percent. On top of that, it's even easier to sand, too.

Perfection between black and white

We have also re-formulated the two new primer fillers for the filler blending system - Glasurit 285-550 HS primer Filler black and Glasurit 285-650 HS primer Filler white. In terms of both quality and application, these two products are identical to the grey 285-500 primer Filler and, just like the latter, offer a shorter drying time and better sandability and adhesion - but in black or white, this time.

Quite simply: grey and good

Glasurit 285-700 primer Filler grey is the ideal solution for standard refinishing. Its special feature is its many good properties: its ease of application and user-friendliness, good filling properties, excellent spraying reliability and short drying time - only 30 minutes at 60°C. The 285-700 primer Filler is suitable for both dry and wet sanding and is easy to sand, that means it can be sanded rapidly and almost effortlessly.

The new filler hardeners

Along with the new primer fillers, Glasurit has developed new filler hardeners. The Glasurit 929-55 HS Filler Hardener fast is ideal for minor touch-up jobs and use in low temperatures. Glasurit 929-56 HS Filler Hardener normal is a good solution for fairly large panels and higher temperatures. The new filler hardeners are multi-purpose products that are compatible with all existing 285-X undercoat materials. That is why they will ultimately replace the existing standard hardeners 929-51 HS Filler Hardener fast and 929-53 HS Filler Hardener normal.

Source: BASF

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