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The new HS Mixing Clear 522-MC35 for the 22 VOC 3.5 Line

Published on 2006-08-23. Author : SpecialChem

The new HS Mixing Clear 522-MC35 not only conforms to VOC regulations, but also possesses all the excellent properties of the well known Mixing Clear 522-MO. For example, easy application, rapid process times and high-quality results.

The new HS Mixing Clear 522-MC35 for the 22 VOC 3.5 Line

522-MC35 is the logical development of the established VOC HS Mixing Clear 522-MO/35. Its clear advantages include superb sprayability, excellent flow and covering power plus rapid through drying and polishability. This improved product performance enables the 22 VOC product process to be completed in one operation with just one and a half coats and no flash off. This means the bodyshop can benefit from savings in process times and reduced material consumption. In brief: 522-MC35 enables the paintshop to work with 2K lacquers while conforming with VOC legislation and benefiting from increased efficiency.

Source: Glasurit

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