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The New 924-168 HS Bus Clear plus Flow Additive

Published on 2010-03-04. Author : SpecialChem

Not only must the surfaces of buses, sport semitrailers and advertising vehicles stand up to a great deal of strain, they also have to make a good visual impression. That is why Glasurit has developed a special-purpose bus clear system. The new system consists of Glasurit 924-168 HS Bus Clear plus the 352-168 Reducer - together, these two products ensure even greater gloss and purity.

Above all, it is the improved flow properties that produce a perfect finish in the new clear system. A high degree of purity and excellent gloss are the system's most conspicuous features. In addition, the paint also impresses the beholder with a whole range of other good properties: its great UV protection ensures excellent colour stability, it resists chemical attack and is scratch-proof and easy to polish. Blemishes such as dust inclusions can be easily removed.

The new system supplements the 924-68 CV Clear and, above all, optimises the latter's visual characteristics, leaving all its other properties - such as processing reliability and good adhesion properties - quite unchanged. Whenever purity and gloss are required on large surfaces, the new bus clear system now ensures an excellent finish.

Source: Glasurit

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