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Syensqo Launches PFAS-free Specialty Coating Additive for WB Architectural Paints

Published on 2024-04-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Syensqo PFAS free Specialty Coating Additive WB Architectural Paints Syensqo adds a brand-new solution to its portfolio of Rhodoline® specialty coating additives. Rhodoline® HBR was developed to enable the phase-out of fluorosurfactants in waterborne architectural paint formulations. The development of Rhodoline® HBR aligns with the profile of Syensqo’s coatings portfolio, which never used PFAS substances. Syensqo was formerly a part of Solvay Group.

Offers Early Hot Block Resistance

The innovative new product helps prevent freshly painted surfaces from sticking together, providing early hot block resistance without negatively impacting other performance properties.

Rhodoline® HBR ensures that the paint on freshly coated surfaces will not be damaged after coming into contact with each other. This can be particularly important for low-VOC acrylic systems and in the early days after painting when the paint appears dry but is not fully ‘cured’. At the same time, all essential paint performance characteristics are maintained.

Growing restrictions on fluorosurfactants across the world are driving formulators to eliminate them in their paint and coating systems,” said Pierre Hennaux, business development manager at Syensqo Coatings North America.

This often leaves a difficult choice - either sacrifice the early hot block resistance that these additives used to provide or adopt sub-par replacements that bring other drawbacks. As a fluorosurfactant-free solution, Rhodoline® HBR is an entirely new offer within our portfolio that helps formulators overcome this dilemma,” added Hennaux.

In all system formulations tested to date, Rhodoline® HBR has shown great paint performance, including resistance to scrub, blistering or dirt pick-up. Gloss and low water sensitivity are not affected either. Also, the product has a very low VOC content of less than 1% and delivers high performance at use levels as low as 0.5%,” said Linda Adamson, technical service manager at Syensqo Coatings.

Rhodoline® HBR will be introduced to the market during the 2024 American Coatings Show and Conference from April 30 to May 02 in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA), at Booth 2550. The product will be commercially rolled out in May 2024, beginning in the United States and Canada.

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Source: Syensqo

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