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Sun Chemical Launches Two Stir-in Pigment Preparations for WB Automotive Coatings

Published on 2023-09-08. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Sun Chemical Two Stirin Pigment Preparations WB Automotive Coatings Sun Chemical launches two new stir-in pigment preparations for the coatings market - eXpand!® Yellow ST 1018 and eXpand!® Black ST 9005.

eXpand!® Yellow ST 1018 combines intense chroma with reduced scattering and high transparency which enables the formulation of a new generation of stylings in automotive coatings. The eXpand!® Black ST 9005 stir-in solution delivers outstanding jetness and a unique black shade due to reduced scattering.

Offers Reduced Scattering & Superior Chroma

Automotive coatings formulators are constantly looking for exciting new colors for their vehicles and we’re thrilled to deliver two new options,” said Javier Morcillo-Ruiz, technical director and senior pigment expert for Automotive Coatings, Colors Materials, Sun Chemical.

The reduced scattering of eXpand!® Black ST 9005 and the superior chroma of eXpand!® Yellow ST 1018 open up new color spaces for automotive stylings,” added Morcillo-Ruiz.

Fully compatible with modern automotive waterborne coating systems, eXpand!® stir-in pigment preparations offer unprecedented color depth and enable enhanced sparkle, flop and gloss. These advanced pigments combine high transparency with a high tinting strength for unique more intensive shades with lower scattering.

The stir-in capacity paired with a small particle size and narrow distribution makes this pigment preparation easily dispersible, reducing time involved in the production process as opposed to conventional milling methods. New, previously unseen effect characteristics are also possible due to the reduced scatter formulation.

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Source: Sun Chemical


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