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SILIKOPHEN® P/55 X – the environmentally-friendly silicone-resin binder for air-drying, high tempera

Published on 2007-07-20. Author : SpecialChem

All products in the SILIKOPHEN® range are methyl-phenyl silicone resins which offer corrosion protection at temperatures up to 650 °C, dependending on the formulation.

SILIKOPHEN® P resins are miscible with organic binders (alkyd or acrylic resins). SILIKOPHEN® P55/X, a silicone resin binder for high temperature-resistant coatings, is distinguished by very rapid touch-drying and very good mechanical strength. Because of its low inherent viscosity (< 150 mPas), the solids content of approx. 55 % permits the manufacture of eco-friendly anti-corrosion paints.

Temporary corrosion protection occurs immediately after touch-drying. Full corrosion protection is achieved, however, only after exposure of the object to high temperatures during use.

Source: Tego

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