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Sharp Develops Technology to Apply Plant-Based Resin Paint Made from Corn

Published on 2005-12-09. Author : SpecialChem

For the first time in the world*1, Sharp Corporation and Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; President: Shoju Kobayashi) have developed technology for painting the plastic parts of consumer electronics with plant-based resin paint made from corn.

Since 2004, Sharp and Kansai Paint have been developing plant-based resin paint with the aim of using it to coat products. The two companies have been working on fixation to materials and hardness of the paint film to improve durability, and on gloss and texture to improve quality and performance.

Compared to conventional paints that use petroleum and other fossil resources as their basic ingredient, plant-based resin paints can reduce global warming and thus environmental burden.

Plans are to use the plant-based resin paint first on the stand of AQUOS models released in the spring of 2006. From 2006 on, its use will gradually be expanded to other AQUOS models as well as to air conditioners, washing machines and other white goods.

With the AQUOS, Sharp is serious about reducing environmental burden: the cabinet uses non-halogen resin, which has less environmental impact compared to conventional resin when the TV is disposed of; and a portion of the material in the stand is recycled resin. By putting this new resin paint to practical use, Sharp will make AQUOS products even more environmentally conscious.

This newly developed technology is being positioned as the second stage of biomass environmental technology, following technology for blending plant-based plastic and waste plastic. Sharp plans to apply this paint to more product types and will also work to come out with more consumer electronics that reduce environmental burden.

Main Features of Technology for the Application of Plant-Based Resin Paint:

1. The companies successfully developed paint that uses cornstarch as the main raw material*2.
2. The development made the plant-based resin paint good enough to be used for consumer electronics and solved previous problems with durability and quality.

*1 As of December 8, 2005.
*2 Kansai Paint holds the basic patent; both companies have applied for a usage patent.


1. Contributing to a sustainable society with plant-based resin paint
When conventional paints made from petroleum and other fossil resources are incinerated, carbon contained in the fossil resources is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, thus increasing the total amount of carbon dioxide in the air. On the other hand, plant-based resin paint, when incinerated, releases the carbon dioxide that was originally absorbed by the plants during growth. This means that the total amount of carbon dioxide in the air does not increase, contributing to a recycling-oriented, sustainable society.

2. Developing plant-based resin paint

Source: Sharp Corporation

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