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Sansin Introduces New Eco-Tone™ Color System for Its Purity® Interior Enviro Stain; Safer, Far Less Toxic Alternative to Traditional Dyes

Published on 2010-05-12. Author : SpecialChem

KNOXVILLE, TN and STRATHROY, ON -- Sansin Corporation, a leader in researching and developing environmentally friendly interior and exterior wood stains for a quarter century, announced the introduction of its new Eco-Tone™ Color System, a color additive for its Purity® Interior 0-VOC base wood stain that delivers dye-like color with a fraction of the toxicity found in conventional, solvent-based dyes.

"The challenge for our industry has been that no matter how low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) you get the base stain, you will see a dramatic increase in VOC content -- sometimes as much as 100% -- once color is added," said Sjoerd Bos, Vice President of Sansin Corporation. "This is why we've developed our own color system -- to give customers an amazing color palette without the spike in toxins."

Sansin's new Eco-Tone™ Colors use pure pigments, ground so fine they are able to combine with the Purity 0-VOC Base for a more sustainable 'green' alternative to traditional dyes. Once applied to a home interior, they penetrate deeply, pulling the pigmentation down into the wood for color that is so vibrant and crisp it has to be seen to be believed.

Eco-Tone™ Colors are meant to be used with Sansin's new Purity® Interior Zero VOC Penetrating Stain (0-VOC), the first water-based interior wood stain with a base free from any harmful VOCs that penetrates both soft and hard woods with consistent, uniform coverage.

Sansin's Purity® Interior Zero VOC Stain delivers the following features:

  • Zero VOCs
  • Little to no odor
  • Ease of application, with the choice of a wipe or spray stain
  • Fast dry time, allowing coating with Sansin's Interior Clears after only 15 minutes
  • Minimum pigment transfer upon top coating
  • Excellent penetration
  • Excellent lapping performance
  • Extremely uniform appearance, even on maple
  • Available in a new line of 16 Eco-Tone™ colors, which deliver the vibrancy and richness of dyes without the high toxicity.

About Sansin

For 25 years, Sansin has been the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching, developing, and introducing environmentally-friendly, 'water-borne' interior and exterior wood products and technologies that deliver outstanding color, durability and performance without the toxicity found in conventional stains. Sansin Enviro Stains use water, not oil, to deeply penetrate and protect wood naturally, from within. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Sansin has dealer locations across Canada and in the U.S, and company satellite offices in the Netherlands and Tennessee.

Source: Sansin

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