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Saint-Gobain Unveils Boron Nitride Industrial Coatings

Published on 2019-09-03. Author : SpecialChem

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Saint-Gobain Unveils Boron Nitride Industrial CoatingsSaint-Gobain Ceramic Materials has announced the launch of its newest line of Boron Nitride products – CeraGlide™. CeraGlide Boron Nitride (BN) coatings are composed of a high purity BN powder base paired with a high-temperature bond phase. Supplied in a liquid form suitable for brushing, CeraGlide can be diluted with water to spraying and dipping consistencies.

Advantages and Applications of CeraGlide Coatings

CeraGlide coatings aim to solve challenges related to lubrication, protection, and mold release, particularly under high temperature conditions. Boron Nitride coatings are used to coat parts, launders, troughs, ladles, spoons etc., during operations like casting, pressing, forging and extrusion. Other uses are in superplastic and quick plastic forming, or anywhere high temperature protection, lubrication and release are paramount.

Traditional graphite, oil and solvent-based lubricants are prone to causing blisters, profile defects, and safety hazards. CeraGlide coatings, with BNs high temperature resistance, presents a viable, safe solution for light metal, glass, and ceramic manufacturing. Resistant to, and non-wet by most molten metals, slags and drosses, CeraGlide BN coatings can be used up to 1372°C (2500°F) in a reducing atmosphere and up to 850°C (1562°F) in an oxidizing atmosphere, and retain many of its properties such as high temperature lubricity and corrosion.

“The launch of our CeraGlide brand represents our focused effort to advance BN coatings technology. We are committed to bringing new, innovative solutions and value to the market,” said Brad Kenny, Product Manager for Boron Nitride.

“We have strengthened and shortened our development process to begin creating a new and dynamic range of premium products. We encourage our customers to watch for additional CeraGlide products in the near future”, adds Kenny.

The Key Areas of Improvements

The key areas of improvements in CeraGlide grade SF+ and 10SF+ are suspension stability and effective solids dispersion. According to Sarah Plain, Technical Manager for Boron Nitride, “Improved solids dispersion offers more consistent and even coating layers for better adhesion and overall performance. The improved solids stability reduces settling and allows for easy mixing and tighter viscosity ranges of the coating. This makes it more consistent for automated and robotic applications or when there is extended time between uses.”

CeraGlide Grade SF+ offers premium value and flexibility of concentrated BN coating that can be used as it is or diluted to desired consistency. Grade 10SF+ offers a ready-to-use formulation, simplified set-up, efficiency and performance in automated and robotic applications.

CeraGlide from Saint-Gobain will be on display at upcoming Aluminum USA Booth 227 in Nashville TN, Sept 12-13 this year.

Source: Saint-Gobain
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