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Sachtleben Launches Functionalized Barium Sulfate Powder Coating for Lasting Protection

Published on 2011-10-10. Author : SpecialChem

Fading and thinning of surfaces frequently occurs in powder-coated commercial vessels and equipment which come into contact, for instance, with chemicals. In extreme cases, this fault in the coating surface can cause serious corrosion. Sachtleben, the synthetic barium sulfates specialist, now supplies for powder-coating producers a functionalized barium sulfate - SACHTOPERSE EP - which permanently eliminates precisely this "chink in the armor" of the coating system. Sachtleben's special barium sulfate particles are inert, and are less abrasive than the extenders most frequently used, such as calcium carbonate and ground quartz. Their tailor-made surface modification significantly improves the resistance of powder-coating systems to chemicals - properties which clearly differentiate SACHTOPERSE EP from other commercially available extenders. The perfect combination of the particles and the binder is achieved by means of a complex organic surface coating. SACHTOPERSE EP, the permanent protecting ingredient for powder-coating systems, is currently undergoing its global market launch.

"Intensive research activity, and our more than 130 years of experience with barium sulfate particles, have led to this new innovative leap in demanding powder-coating systems. The functionalization of particle surfaces is the key to controlling new property profiles in future coating systems", comments Milan W. Krumbe, Head of Sachtleben's Coatings segment and responsible for the new product.

About Sachtleben

Sachtleben is a leading manufacturer of top-quality chemical products with a unique range of white pigments and extenders. The history of the company's involvement at its Duisburg location stretches back more than one hundred years. Sachtleben supplies the entire world with innovative products in the fields of titanium dioxide and functional additives. Their outstanding product quality is matched by their excellence in problem-solving capabilities and Technical Customer Service. The main fields of application for Sachtleben's products can be found, for instance, in synthetic fibers, paints and coatings, plastics, and paper. Sachtleben also manufactures specialized products for the foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries and is the right address in the field of chromatography and catalysis as well as the production of construction materials.

Source: Sachtleben

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