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PSS Launches Self-Cleen ST3 Spray-on Antimicrobial Self-Cleaning Coating System

Published on 2013-12-17. Author : SpecialChem

Practical Scientific Solutions Company's new Self-Cleen ST3 Spray-on Antimicrobial Self-Cleaning Coating product is the crucial weapon for sustainable prevention of the growth of bacteria and fungus in the home for 6-months at a time.

How much of a health problem is bacteria and fungus growth in the home? According to a USA TODAY Article dated 9-14-09 "Some showerheads harbor disease causing bacteria"; Serious lung and respiratory infections in the U.S., due to disease-causing bacteria, have been traced back to patients' homes - and more specifically to their showers and baths. Numerous 2013 medical articles confirm the 2009 findings.

This fact leads to the revelation that the shower, bath, enclosures and walls are contaminated with bacteria every time that the water is turned on.

Practical Scientific Solutions Co. (PSS) took this warning to heart and conducted its own investigation on a common plastic hand-held shower head that had been in daily residential use for between 6-12 months. It was found that bacteria biofilm residue was deposited on the outside of the shower head, and throughout the inside of the shower head. The residue is a combination of bacteria biofilm, hard water scale, fungus and other organic residues and debris. It is very unhealthful, which is why the prevailing literature recommends replacing shower heads every 6-months or sooner.

According to a 2013 article on Healthline.com, "The 11 Dirtiest Places in Your Home", additional health risks are linked to infections from fungus and bacteria, throughout the home, that are transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces. Some of the most bacteria & fungus ridden locations in the home are the Kitchen, the bathroom, and all of the Knobs, Handles and Switches that are frequently touched with less than clean hands. In addition, the microwave keypad and door, refrigerator handles and the faucet handle are major culprits.

In addition to PSS's efforts to increase public awareness of these problems, it provides a solution for minimizing the amount of bacteria and fungus in the home. When bacteria and fungus land on a Self-Cleen ST3 coated surface they are prevented from growing, so therefore, the amount of contaminants are minimized.

Self-Cleen ST3 Coating is a great compliment to Green-Cleaning. By combining both methods and products, a family extends its protection across the full breadth of health risks created by cleaning agent toxins, bacteria and fungus in the home.

About Practical Scientific Solutions

Practical Scientific Solutions Co.(PSS) is a customer-oriented company whose core business is the e-commerce selling of cutting-edge micro-technology (hydrophobic, or water repelling) Self-Cleaning Coating products under the brand name of "Self-Cleen™". Revolutionary Self-Cleen products solve nagging everyday problems and unmet needs of residential consumers, service providers and commercial entities.

Source: Practical Scientific Solutions

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