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Pliotec® Resins Designed to Meet Industry Demand for low VOC Porch and Floor Coatings

Published on 2007-05-23. Author : SpecialChem

Akron, OHIO, USA -- Responding to the industry demand for higher performance, lower VOC coatings, ELIOKEM, a leading global specialty chemical provider, has introduced to paint manufacturers a new grade of Pliotec latex, Pliotec PA91. This resin was designed specifically for porch and floor coatings. Coatings for porch and floor are unique because the coating needs to penetrate deeply to adhere to concrete and also be flexible enough to adhere to wood. When wood freezes and thaws the coating needs to be able to expand and contract with the wood without cracking the coating. Traditional concrete coatings generally do not work well on wood because they are too hard and will not expand and contract with the wood. A porch and floor paint formulated with Pliotec PA91 resin will work well on both surfaces.

Pliotec PA91 was developed for specialty applications where excellent UV resistance is needed. Designed for exterior coatings, this latex can give paint manufacturers the ability to formulate tough coatings below 50 g/l VOC. Starting point formulations for porch and floor paint are available to coating manufacturers.

Eliokem is a concerned supplier and is committed to developing new products that not only meet the market demands, but are also environmentally friendly.

Eliokem, a leading Specialty Chemical company

Eliokem is a global specialty chemical company headquartered in Villejust, near Paris, France. Eliokem employs over 450 people at manufacturing and office locations around the world and has leading positions in a broad range of niche applications with the following trademarks and associated product lines:

  • Pliolite ®, Plioway ®, Pliotec ® and Hydro Pliolite®: resins used in decorative paints.
  • Pliotone ®: Electrographic toners.
  • Pliocord ® and Chemigum®: latex used in the treatment of reinforcing fabrics, joints and gloves.
  • Chemigum® and Sunigum®: elastomeric modifiers for plastics.
  • Wingstay ®: non-staining antioxidants used in natural latex articles and in carpet backing.

Source: Eliokem

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