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Pflaumer Introduces Tallicin® 4040 Deaerator for Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings

Published on 2011-11-22. Author : SpecialChem

Pflaumer Brothers, Inc. of Ewing, NJ announces the availability of new Tallicin® 4040 Deaerator for polyurea polyaspartic coatings used on concrete, metal, wood, and other substrates. The product allows the formulator to minimize surface defects in a 100% solids coating system without the use of solvents.

The new deaerator is extremely effective as a bubble-release additive in polyaspartic coatings up to 6-8 mils film thickness, helping to eliminate pin-holes, craters, and orange peel. Tallicin® 4040 also improves flow and leveling, an advantage for self-leveling applications on concrete floors. Normal level of use is 0.1 to 2.0% based on formulation weight.

Polyaspartic coatings are used in high-performance applications requiring fast cure, low VOC, and low odor. These coatings exhibit a combination of flexibility and impact resistance, ideal for use on concrete floors. They can be formulated with no VOCs, no odor, and with a tack-free time of as little as 45 minutes.

Polyaspartic coatings are particularly useful for application on concrete floors in food processing plants to meet USDA regulations and the requirements of UL for the ANSI-NSF 61 Standard. Not limited to temperature extremes in application, polyaspartics can handle rigorous cleaning with chemicals and steam to provide seamless, flexible protection for concrete floors.

Tallicin® 4040, which is 100% active and 100% solids, contributes to deaeration, flow, and leveling when the coating is applied onto concrete floors with rollers to aid self-leveling. The product can be used with Pflaumer's new Terachem® colorants based on Pflaumer's polyaspartic amines, and it is compatible with mineral spirits and xylene at low levels of use.

The new colorant line is designed for use with Pflaumer's polyaspartic amines, designated Teraspartic® 277, Teraspartic® 292, and Teraspartic® 230. The Teraspartic® amines are used individually or in combination with each other, or together with other amine functional resins or hydroxy-functional acrylic resins to formulate polyaspartic polyurea coatings with special performance attributes.

"Our Teraspartic® amines are stearically hindered aliphatic amines that react with polyisocyanates to form high-gloss, weather-resistant coatings with good film build and rapid cure rates," says Craig McNair, Pflaumer's Executive Vice President. "Our research to develop Tallicin® 4040 came from actual field experience with polyaspartics, where we worked with applicators who were concerned with pin holes, craters, and problems with flow and leveling. We have seen extremely effective results with Tallicin® 4040."

"This unique technology represents Pflaumer's commitment to polyaspartic coatings," he said. "And the product is also effective with polyurethanes and epoxies, so that one product can be used for all three systems, a real advantage for the coatings formulator. "

Abouit Pflaumer

Founded in 1934, Pflaumer is a private and independent organization dedicated to innovative technology. Pflaumer's strategic purpose is to develop unique, proprietary products and technology by emphasizing research, development, and process technology in the field of surface chemistry.

Major areas of application include paints and coatings, printing inks, metalworking fluids, synthetic lubricants, plastics, electronics, wood treatments, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics and personal care. Their technology involves wetting, dispersing and stabilizing pigments and nano-particles; surface tension reduction; surface friction reduction; rust prevention; microbiological protection; rheology; and the surface treatment of particles. Their core chemistry includes specialty acrylic polymers, polymerized phosphate esters, surface-active polymers, and polyglycerol-esters. We also create synergistic combinations of a variety of materials.

Source: Pflaumer

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