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Perstorp Launches Easaqua™ X L 600 for Waterborne PU Coatings at ECS 2011

Published on 2011-03-29. Author : SpecialChem

With the launch of Easaqua™ X L 600, leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp answers waterborne polyurethane (PU) coating producers' highest demands for humidity resistance combined with easy mixing. This new polyisocyanate will be presented for the first time at the European Coatings Show 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany.

New Easaqua™ X L 600 is the latest development to Perstorp's innovative Easaqua™ range of water-dispersible aliphatic polyisocyanates for waterborne PU coatings. It adds the advantage of higher moisture resistance to the range's widely appreciated benefits of easy dispersibility, fast drying, low environmental impact and broad compatibility. With the best-in-class balance between low viscosity and high NCO content, Easaqua™ X L 600 helps meet the market's need for low VOC systems.

Easaqua™ X L 600 is a modified polyisocyanate and offers significant advantages to waterborne PU coatings producers and the end products that their finished coatings protect. It ensures a very narrow particle size distribution after emulsification into waterborne media.

Easaqua™ X L 600 has one of the lowest viscosities of all the products in the Easaqua™ range. This reduces the need for solvent in formulation and it can even be used without any solvent. As a result, Easaqua™ X L 600 achieves the best balance between low viscosity and functionality in the Easaqua range.

In addition to its excellent durability, a further advantage of Easaqua™ X L 600 is its improvement of coating adhesion onto a wide range of substrates. Thus, it is particularly suitable for direct-to-metal (DTM) applications, coatings for automotive, transportation, plastics, flooring and general industries.

"What's unique about this new product is that we have been able to reduce its hydrophilicity, which in turn provides higher resistance to moisture and offers greater protection to the substrate to which the final coating is applied," says Philippe Barbeau, Innovation and Application Director of the Coatings & Adhesives markets. "We have been able to combine this high humidity resistance with the easy dispersibility and low environmental impact that our Easaqua™ range is known for."

About Perstorp

The Perstorp Group is one of the world leaders in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are used in the aerospace, marine, coatings, chemicals, plastics, engineering and construction industries. They can also be found in automotive, agricultural feed, food, packaging, textile, paper and electronics applications. Perstorp has approximately 2,200 employees and manufacturing units in eleven countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Sales amounts to SEK 14 billion (1.45 € billion). By the end of 2005 the Perstorp Group was acquired by Perstorp Holding AB, controlled by the French private equity company PAI partners.

Source: Perstorp

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