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NEW Varnish Products from Interlux

Published on 2009-11-27. Author : SpecialChem

UNION, NJ -- Interlux is raising the bar in the varnish category, with the introduction of three new products into its varnish and wood treatment range.

Interlux is pleased to announce the launch of Perfection® Plus, Schooner® Gold & Compass, available from November 2009.

Perfection Plus is a clear, two-part polyurethane with prolonged chemical and abrasion resistance and superior UV protection and the company says it's the best performing product they've ever seen, proving high gloss retention well over 80 % even after 12 months in Florida. Perfection Plus has a service life of up to four times longer than conventional one-part varnish products. With an exceptional, high-clarity, high gloss finish, Perfection Plus can be applied direct to substrate or, alternatively, used in conjunction with Clear Wood Sealer - a fast-drying, colorless, two-part polyurethane primer - to reach up to as much as 40% reduction in process time, saving significant costs for boat builders and boat yards.

Schooner Gold also enters the market and with its advanced UV package and outstanding gloss, it is the longest-lasting one-part varnish Interlux has ever observed. Test results, conducted by Interlux in Florida over a 12-month period, have proven the gloss retention of Schooner Gold to outlast other leading varnish products.

Additional benefits include a reduction in the need to sand in between each coat, which saves labor effort, time and costs. The traditional, warm amber hue of Schooner Gold enhances the color of natural wood. Schooner Gold has been optimized for application in warm and higher temperature climates. Compass complements the traditional qualities of Schooner Gold with a brand new, fast-drying extremely durable one-part polyurethane varnish. Offering reduced labor and project time: Apply 2 coats per day - dust contamination is minimized - sanding only after every 2nd or 3rd coat.

Consistent with all Interlux high performance varnishes, Compass contains 'best in class' HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers) and UV absorbers to protect wooden substrates from sunlight degradation, enhance durability and prolong the lifespan of the coating. Compass is light amber in color to emphasize the natural appearance of wood. Superior flow and application characteristics ensure a smooth, professional finish. Perfection Plus, Schooner Gold & Compass can be applied direct to all types of wood, including oily timbers such as teak and mahogany.

High performance varnishes from International - Perfection Plus, Schooner Gold and Compass - contain a blend of premium quality UV absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS), as well as UV protectors, to extend the lifespan of the varnish coating beyond that of conventional products. UV Absorbers soak up detrimental UV rays from sunlight, converting them into heat, which is then dissipated through the surface of the coating. Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS) do not absorb radiation; instead they protect the coating resin from the harmful effect of photochemically-produced 'free radicals' by neutralising them, hindering chemical degradation. HALS regenerate themselves during the neutralisation process, so go on providing protection throughout the lifetime of the coating.

About International Paint LLC.:

International Paint LLC. is part of AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel is proud to be one of the world's leading industrial companies. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we make and supply a wide range of paints, coatings and specialty chemicals - pro forma 2007 revenue totaled €14.4 billion. In fact, we are the largest global paints and coatings company. As a major producer of specialty chemicals we supply industries worldwide with quality ingredients for life's essentials. We think about the future, but act in the present. We're passionate about introducing new ideas and developing sustainable answers for our customers. That's why our 60,000 employees - who are based in more than 80 countries - are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow's Answers Today™.

Source: International Paint LLC.

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