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New Thermolon Non-Stick Coating Announced

Published on 2009-02-20. Author : SpecialChem

Thermolon has announced a new non-stick coating, called Thermolon 'Rocks'.

It has nearly three times the hardness and abrasion resistance of any previous non-stick coating, including Thermolon's own products!

The coating has been created at our Research and Development Centre in Thermolon Korea.

'Rocks' is already causing a stir within the coating industry, offering as it does, entirely new possibilities for non-stick coatings on applications previously considered beyond their ability to withstand heavy use.

Thermolon 'Rocks' is a dramatic advance and maintains Thermolons leadership in the field of ceramic coatings. Of course, it continues the Thermolon core principles of toxin free healthy coatings that are environmentally friendly.

Source: Thermolon

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