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New Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayer

Published on 2009-06-22. Author : SpecialChem

Applying high solids plural-component coatings efficiently and on-ratio can be a challenge. However, the next evolution in plural-component proportioning equipment from Graco meets the ratio challenge with a whole new set of technologies and features.

The new Graco® XM plural-component sprayer provides precise ratio control, allows users to download historical spraying data and handles a wide range of two-part materials.

Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayer

The Graco XM is engineered to proportion accurately, even at high flow rates; this allows customers to increase productivity and improve their profitability.

At the heart of the precision ratio assurance is Graco's revolutionary dosing technology. The main material component (resin) flows constantly, while the minor component (hardener) is injected at higher pressures. Advanced sensing technology allows pumps to compensate for pressure fluctuations, resulting in accurate, on-ratio mixing for a better yield and less waste.

Data download provides historical spray parameters.

The Graco XM is equipped with a USB drive that allows coating contractors or equipment manufacturers to insert a flash drive and download critical data. Downloadable data now includes parameters such as spray pressures, temperatures, actual ratio and total flow output. Users can save this data to a computer for analysis and future reference.

As coating standards evolve, stricter requirements are placed on how a material is applied. A perfect example are the Performance Standards for Protective Coatings adopted by the International Maritime Organization. With data downloads from the Graco XM, operators can verify that they were spraying at the correct ratios and requirements set by the coating's manufacturer. It's like having an onboard inspector. They have the confidence that the job was done right.

Fully configurable.

Each Graco XM is configurable. End-users start with a base unit, then select the accessories required for the specific application.

Thanks to the dosing technology (patent pending) and configurable options, the Graco XM can handle a wide range of materials allowing customers to standardize equipment.

The Graco XM base model includes a frame, mix manifold, Xtreme pumps, a flush pump, controls, dosing valves, a USB drive, two static mixers, one Graco XTR-7 gun, an Xtreme-Duty hose, choice of power supply, and a recirculation kit. Optional accessories include: 26- or 76-liter material hoppers, hopper heaters, transfer pumps, agitators, hose rack kits and casters. Material hoppers can be mounted on the side or the rear of the XM unit.

Added productivity.

Graco XM plural-component sprayers support multiple spray guns for added productivity and are ideal for corrosion-control applications, such as tank lining, secondary containment, marine ballast storage tank coatings, potable water tank coatings, shipbuilding and marine maintenance, railcar maintenance, wind tower coatings, bridge and infrastructure projects, pipeline coatings, and for coating structural steel.

Source: Graco

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