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Published on 2010-05-19. Author : SpecialChem

Decorative weather-water-dispersed polyacrylic antiseptic lazuli EMPILS KRONA intended for decorative and security of both new and previously treated with wood preservative from the surface, mold, derevookrashivayuschih, wood-fungi (red rot), insect Cossidae, ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric effects . It can be used for the treatment of facades of houses, walls, doors, windows, fences, garden furniture, etc.

Antiseptic-lazuli EMPILS KRONA deeply absorbed, forming a protective layer on the surface and in the thickness of the wood. At the same time it creates a resistance to moisture breathable coating with decorative effect, preserves the natural structure of wood. The product does not contain organic solvents.

Cleanser for bleaching wood EMPILS KRONA designed to clean the affected parts of the wood surface, mold, and wood-derevookrashivayuschih fungi, as well as the bleaching of wood surfaces that are used in atmospheric conditions and indoors. The tool is most effective at clearing svezheporazhennoy wood, especially with regard to derevookrashivayuschih fungi.

Bleaching agent for wood EMPILS KRONA returns the natural color of wood, increases the grade of wood and increases its service life. May also be used to clean concrete, brick and other surfaces.

Company Empils has developed a series of specialized products for wood protection EMPILS KRONA in 2009, positioning of protective equipment for wood EMPILS KRONA at the base and srednetsenovom segment comprises a combination of affordable prices and high quality characteristic of the production company Empils.

Source: Empils

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