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New 925-2002 HS Clear Ultra Scratch-Resistant VOC

Published on 2009-10-19. Author : SpecialChem

MÜNSTER -- After two years' research work, Glasurit presents its new 925-2002 HS Clear, which was specially developed and approved for refinishing Toyota's highly scratch-resistant OEM coatings applied on Lexus models. The new product meets all of Toyota's specific requirements - ranging from enormous scratch-resistance to long-term gloss retention and applicability in the Spot-Repair process.

Even after 400 hours of XENON weathering and the AMTEC scratch test, the HS Clear exhibits gloss retention of more than 80 percent. "That is attributable to the innovative reflow technology", explains Sibylle Schöps, the product developer responsible for this innovative clearcoat at BASF Coatings AG. "The clear consists of cross-linked chains of molecules that re-contract after being damaged, thus slowly and fluidly smoothing out the damaged area once again. The result is that carwash brushes, gravels and road salt all leave considerably fewer traces than is the case on a standard refinishing."

Moreover, with a VOC content of 405 g/l, the product complies with European legislation. It is compatible with the Glasurit 90 Line waterborne, can be readily applied using standard work techniques and its properties can be adjusted perfectly by means of the new 929-2002 Hardener and standard additives.

Source: BASF

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