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MATRASUR Composites' Robomat to Serve as an Economical & Eco-Friendly Solution to the GRP Industry

Published on 2011-08-12. Author : SpecialChem

MATRASUR COMPOSITES launches a unique robot especially designed for GRP spray-up applications: release agent, gel coat, barrier coat, chopper spray-up, low density putties, polyurethane, etc. The uniqueness of this robot compared to other robots in the market is that it is programmed with a very innovative technology based on the reproduction by the robot of all movements made by the operator. In other words, any operator that is used to working with a standard spray-up machine can program the robot with no specific programming skills. It is a revolutionary programming technology that does not require robotic skilled personnel; the robot is capable of repeating all movements with a positioning accuracy of one millimetre. Indeed, for the first time, the programming time of a part equals the time required by an operator to spray up the part! This robot combines accuracy and efficacy together with the flexibility required in a composite production workshop.

A Revolutionary Robot At An Affordable Price

Today, and for the first time in the GRP industry, it is possible to introduce robotics in small & medium size companies as an affordable and viable solution. As equipment constructors MATRASUR COMPOSITES has built a long term experience in the field of low pressure spray-up and composite materials. Our expertise in the industrialization of processes allows us to propose a standard robotic production line with the latest technologies at a "low cost" price. The ROBOMAT technology offers one of the fastest and safest Returns on Investment rates a fabrication shop can expect.

ROBOMAT offers the advantages brought by robotics: raw material savings, productivity, reduced extraction surface for VOC emissions, operator safety and improved working conditions, process repetitiveness, and product quality, coupled with a unique robot programming technology that makes programming easier and shorter. With ROBOMAT, programming is at every operator's reach. Thus, robotics becomes an affordable and viable means to remain competitive for small companies which represent the large majority of composite part manufacturers.

About MATRASUR Composites

MATRASUR Composites is a European equipment constructor of robotic production lines for the composites industry. As equipment suppliers (injection, spray-up, choppers units) for the composite business for over 30 years now, the company counts around 1000 clients in France and around the world and over 5500 machines in operation

Source: MATRASUR Composites

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