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Let Us Spray - ESD Coating from INTERTRONICS

Published on 2008-04-18. Author : SpecialChem

Static dissipative coatings just get better and better - and this Licron Crystal spray-on urethane from Intertronics is user applicable and permanent. Produced by Techspray, Licron Crystal is described as a revolutionary and innovative concept in permanent static dissipative coatings - it is a versatile, crystal clear urethane coating that adheres to metal, plastic and most other surfaces. This makes it ideal for converting standard boxes, bins, tools and other surfaces to ESD-safe, saving expensive replacement cost. The end result is compliant with ANSI/ESD-S20.20, which prevents static damage to sensitive electronic components. Applications include electronic assembly workstations and enclosures, component packaging, conveyors and electronic devices themselves.

Peter Swanson, M.D. at Intertronics, explained: "This is an excellent product in so many ways - not only can users self-apply to virtually their whole work area using aerosol, standard spray gun or other paint systems - it also leaves a clear non-chipping ESD-safe surface that maintains 107 to 109 ohms resistivity." Licron Crystal operates independently of humidity and leaves a surface that can be simply grounded by wire attachment in a similar way to any normal ESD floor.


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