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J+S Offers Marking Inks & Low Migration Products for Label & Security Paper Printing

Published on 2012-09-03. Author : SpecialChem

The principle behind marking ink is simple and practical: It appears colorless in the printed image at day light and only develops its respective colors under the influence of UV-light.

Thanks to this property it is successfully applied in security printing. Jänecke + Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH has now further optimized the printing capacities of their mineral-oil free ink for offset, UV and flexo printing.

Wide Range of Colors

Marking inks are printed like transparent white. They are invisible at daylight and can only be perceived in ultraviolet rays, at best at a wavelength range of 366 nm. This is made possible thanks to the use of special pigments which absorb the UV rays and convert it into visible light. Again, this is reflected so that the human eye can perceive it. J+S provides different products that can range from blue over green-yellowish to red at customer's option.

Field of Application

Another means to differentiate the ink besides color is concentration. In high concentration it is suitable for, among other things, UV light sorting machines. With a slightly lower concentration the ink is used as a token of security and quality for a number of printing products like tickets and labels. It also increasingly finds application in sensorily sensitive printing products. For this purpose J+S offers new low migration products.

The Influence of the Print Substrate

In the printed image, the visibility and the gloss effect depend on the type and quality of the print substrate. The same also holds true for the luminous effect which develops under UV light. Generally, coated paper enables a better fluorescence than uncoated paper. For the printing of marking inks it is advisable to use paper without optical lightener since it enhances the desired optical impression under UV light.

Unique Mineral-oil Free Marking Inks by J+S

Increasing legal requirements for the sensorily sensitive field raise demands for low migration inks especially in the food and cosmetics industry. The recipe of marking inks by J+S is based on renewable raw materials. The new further optimized composition ensures both optimal runnability and the application in sensorily sensitive printing products in offset, UV and flexo printing.

Philipp Hölzl, Head of Applications Engineering, adds: "The field of application of security printing is permanently growing. Marking inks are successfully used particularly in label and security paper printing. In addition to that, demands also rise especially in high-quality packaging printing. We remain focused on this development and consistently adapt our products to the modified demands, as our new low migration variants show. These were purpose-built for packaging printing and fulfil all current demands of the food industry."

About Jänecke + Schneemann

Over the last decades developments in the graphical industry have been enormous, therefore printers are demanding quick, safe and economical ink. More than 150 years of experience guarantee their clients competent service and advise and the delivery of only the best ink. Jänecke + Schneemann meets these increasing requirements by developing and producing the most modern inks, for example the offset inks based on renewable raw material.

Source: Packaging Europe

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