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International® Launches Water-based Micron WA Antifouling Range for Hull Protection

Published on 2012-02-13. Author : SpecialChem

International Yacht Paint has launched a Micron WA, a premium antifouling range. Micron WA features Water Activated Matrix technology, which allows efficient use of lower copper levels, as well as efficient and effective biocide delivery and substantially reduced patina formation on the hull.

Water Activated Matrix technology offers outstanding multi-seasonal protection in all types of waters including high-challenge areas. It combines powerful performance with a very low VOC levels and provides the perfect solution for boat owners and enthusiasts looking for outstanding quality and performance, while also looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Micron WA provides outstanding protection which helps to deliver a smooth, clean hull for cost-effective operation for up to 24 months1, helping boat owners to save on fuel costs. Extended in-service periods also mean that owners save money by the boat remaining in the water for longer.

In addition, Water Activated Matrix technology allows efficient use of lower copper levels than in most other premium antifoulings due to the copper release rate being optimized, as well as use of fewer non-renewable, oil-based resources, which results in efficient and effective biocide delivery and substantially reduced patina formation on the hull. For boat owners who choose to remove patina before recoating, this means they save maintenance time and cost, ultimately allowing more time on the water.

Boat owners and professional boat yards globally took part in the trialling process of Micron WA, many of whom were willing to share their support for this product. For example, Mr Evariste, owner of Fleur d'Emma, based in Montpellier, France, said: "We were very impressed with both the performance and aesthetics of Micron WA."

Due to the densely packed, structured arrangement of biocides, coloring pigment and voids provided by Water Activated Matrix technology, when first applied, Micron WA may not seem like a "conventional" paint, appearing matt and sometimes uneven. Once immersed however, the technology delivers a bright, vibrant color and uniform appearance.

Micron WA has an optimised copper level and a much better health and safety profile because it contains lower solvents, which gives it a very low VOC level of an average 87 g/lt. Most premium antifouling paints have much higher levels, so Micron WA can also help owners to reduce their environmental impact when carrying out their antifouling maintenance.

The water based formulation means that Micron WA delivers low odor and fume emissions and helps to create a pleasant and safe environment during application.

Micron WA has also been designed to comply with the future BPD (Biocidal Products Directive) legislation, which means that it should be available for many years to come, so owners can select this product with complete confidence.

1) Depends on total DFT (dry film thickness) applied. For 24 months performance, a total dry film thickness of 120µm (microns) needs to be achieved. Extra coats are needed if vessels are expected to operate at speeds in excess of 15 knots for extended periods.

About International

International® is the leading brand of AkzoNobel's Marine & Protective Coatings (M&PC) business unit, which encompasses their Marine, Protective Coatings and Yacht businesses. International has a proud history stretching back to 1881 and currently has operations in 60 countries worldwide and more than 5,500 employees. Their aim is to fully understand their customers' needs, supplying innovative products and services to the highest international standards by a process of continuous improvement, while fully meeting the requirements of legislation in every area of the business.

Source: International Yacht Paint

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