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Incorez Launches DISPUREZ®, Non NMP/NEP PU Dispersions to Enhance Coatings

Published on 2014-11-04. Author : SpecialChem

 One of the global leaders in Oxazolidine chemistry and manufacturer of speciality resins and intermediates for the coatings industry have launched a new range of high performance, hazard-free dispersions.

Incorez, part of the Sika Group, has addressed the reclassification of pyrrolidone solvents with the launch of a new range of pyrrolidone-free polyurethane and polyurethane/acrylic dispersions under the Dispurez name.

These new products are without any hazard classification and have been designed to enable formulators to enhance the performance of their coatings over and above NMP/NEP containing products without the need to significantly increase volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

The development of novel, proprietary chemistries and processes makes it possible to achieve excellent coalescence, with minimal additional co-solvent to give hard, crystalline polyurethane coatings, allowing the formulator to limit the VOC content and satisfy increasingly stringent legislation requirements.

Ian Martin, Technical Manager at Incorez commented on the launch:  “The PUDs breakthrough is significant, as it allows the formulator to move away from existing toxic solvents to non-hazardous materials without impacting on VOC levels or compromising performance.

“When a surface was subjected to pencil-hardness-testing, the new PU dispersions exhibit a faster hardness development and higher ultimate hardening than with both pyrrolidone solvents, in addition to improved chemical resistance properties.”

Neil Carter, Business Unit Manager for Incorez concluded saying: “This is an important step-change for the industry with the launch of the Dispurez range and clearly illustrates the importance of innovating through skilled chemistry to evolve technology.

“Furthermore, this innovative approach of utilizing comparable physical properties and achieving excellent results, whilst removing the requirement to carry hazard labelling, is a win-win situation.”

About Incorez

Incorez are part of the Sika Group, a global company with a worldwide network of subsidiaries active in the supply of specialty chemicals for construction and industrial applications. To service the increasing demand for its products across the globe, Incorez operates a network of international agents & distributors in over 25 countries worldwide.

Source: Incorez

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