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Imerys Introduces Ultra-fine Wet Ground Ingredient for Exceptional Whiteness

Published on 2024-03-25. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Imerys Ultra fine Wet Ground Ingredient Exceptional Whiteness Imerys announces its latest innovation in the paint and coatings industry - Superfine UF. Superfine UF is an ultra-fine wet ground CaCO3 product that offers exceptional whiteness, TiO2 spacing, tint strength, and gloss performance.

Suitable for Architectural & Wood Coatings

Its narrow particle size distribution provides exceptional smoothness and uniformity. This results in improved optical performance. It enhances the visual impact of the coatings with superior clarity and brilliance. Additionally, its improved whiteness elevates the coating’s color intensity and vibrancy. Its lower 'b' value guarantees cleaner tints and a more neutral undertone hue.

Superfine UF ingredient is a proven continuous innovation for several applications. It includes paint PVC lines (15 to 45), gloss to eggshell architectural coatings and pigmented wood coatings. It also includes interior waterborne architectural, wood, and solvent-borne light industrial coatings.

Imerys is a supplier of mineral-based solutions. Imerys strives for continuous evolution and expansion. They understand the importance of meeting the specific needs of its customers through innovative product development.

Imerys' team of experts can help customers find the ideal solution for the technical challenges. Imerys is excited to showcase Superfine UF at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis from April 30 to May 2, 2024. Imerys values its customer relationships. Superfine UF is a testament to its commitment to providing extensive benefits for paint and coatings manufacturers.

Source: Imerys

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