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IFS Coatings Launches Tough Thermoplastic-modified Polyolefin Powder Coating

Published on 2024-02-06. Edited By : SpecialChem

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IFS Coatings Thermoplasticmodified Polyolefin Powder Coating IFS Coatings launches IFS Puroplaz PE16. It is a tough thermoplastic-modified polyolefin powder coating. It delivers a unique combination of incredible hardness and excellent flexibility. It possesses very high adhesion properties.

Rare Combination of Hardness & Flexibility

Technical excellence is the key in this exciting formulation. Puroplaz® PE16 delivers a Shore D Hardness of 60. It shows extremely high gravelometer performance. It exhibits outstanding impact and abrasion resistance.

This Puroplaz® PE16 formula has a rare combination of hardness and flexibility. These attributes are normally codependent with a trade-off in one for gains in the other. The new formulation overcomes the codependency," said Tim Brinner. He is the vice president of Thermoplastics at IFS Coatings.

"This makes it ideal for products that will be post-formed after coating. This includes fence wire weaving, which requires excellent abrasion resistance. It can be used to replace nylon coatings in certain applications,” continued Brinner.

This product really performs. But also delivers the lower gloss that many of these applications desire," added Brinner.

Free of PVC, Phthalates & BPA

Puroplaz® PE16 is suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes fence poles, baskets, battery boxes, automotive springs and foot traffic areas. It is also applicable in water pipe and fittings petroleum pipe (OD) fittings.

Puroplaz® PE16 is available in both spray and dip-grade formulations. It is formulated without the use of PVC, Phthalates or BPA.

Puroplaz® PE16 is part of the thermoplastic product range from IFS Coatings. It includes Puroplaz® PE15 for high slip and abrasion performance, PE 20 and PE 20 Texture known for their technical capabilities and beautiful aesthetics. It also includes Puroplaz® PE21 with high abrasion, scratch and UV resistance, and Puroplaz® PE40 for high chemical and corrosion resistance.

Source: IFS Coatings


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