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HMG Paints’ High Gloss Polyurethane CFB System for ACE and Haulage Market

Published on 2022-07-27. Edited By : SpecialChem

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HMG Paints High Gloss Polyurethane CFB System Solution ACE Haulage HMG Paints’ new CFB system is a new solution for ACE and Haulage Equipment Manufacturers. A new two-component, high solids polyurethane system is bringing a high gloss finish more accustomed to vehicle refinishing to the extremely demanding ACE and haulage market.

2K Primer for Wet on Wet

The new high build 2-pack polyurethane CFB 2K System from HMG Paints further expands HMG Paints’ ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment) range. CFB 2K Primer can be used Wet on Wet and has been formulated to provide excellent sanding properties, adhesion and corrosion protection for steel substrates used throughout the Agricultural and Construction Equipment marketplace.

Alongside the primer, the system delivers a great finish for both OEM’s and Refinishes due to the excellent flow properties of CFB 2K Topcoat. CFB 2K Topcoat produces a high gloss finish with excellent gloss retention, and provides resistance to chemical and atmospheric attack, which is ideal for demanding environments.

Danny Cleary, HMG Paints sales director commented on the new development, “The superior anti-corrosive properties and excellent durability of our new CFB System, prevents corrosion in all conditions, creating extended time to first maintenance, which provides a huge benefit to customers who adopt the system.”

The CFB 2K System can be applied via Compliant Spray Gun, Pressure Pot or Airless/Air-Assisted and provides a host of economic and environmental benefits. As a high-solids product, CFB 2K significantly reduces VOC emissions during production and application.

Additionally, the primer and topcoat utilize the same hardener and thinners reducing costs and stock holding for the applicator. These features allow users to gain significant benefits from this high-quality, cost-effective system.

ColorBase Color Box for a Perfect Color

The CFB 2K System will also utilize HMG Paints’ new ColorBase Color Box which features 2400 color chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The ColorBase Color Box has cross references to several colors from the ACE industry and users can also chip up against a product to identify the perfect color.

Colors produced using HMG Paints’ innovative UNIT colorants are making CFB available in a wide variety of additional color including RAL & British standard variations. HMG Paints maintain an unrivalled color library of more than 200,000 colors, all available from HMG Paints or via local.

The CFB 2K System is an ideal coatings solution for use on transport and haulage equipment, trailers, slurry tanks, site dumpers, earth moving equipment and other machinery and equipment. The CFB 2K system is available nationwide via HMG Paints’ network of distributors who offer color matching services and fast delivery services.

Source: HMG Paints


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