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Glasurit Introduces a New Topcoat Highlight in its 68 Line

Published on 2005-10-13. Author : SpecialChem

The effective protection of solid color and metallic basecoats demands maximum performance of the clearcoat applied over it. Besides being easy to spray and producing a brilliant surface with good scratch resistance and UV protection, the clearcoat used should also meet all VOC regulations in force. This is a task that the new Glasurit® 924-68 HS CV Clear fulfills simply brilliantly and also in a highly efficient way.

The 924-68 HS CV Clear is the new topcoat highlight in Glasurit 68 Line. It is particularly suitable for use on high quality vehicles such as buses and advertising vehicles and also protects surfaces that have a stressful job, such as the skins of truck cabs and firefighting vehicles. The HS CV Clear is an acrylic product that convinces with good optical qualities such as excellent gloss and brilliance. In addition, it is a top performer in all other categories and thus superior to all its predecessors and other products for the same application.

The Glasurit 924-68 HS CV Clear features excellent flow, high application reliability and outstanding adhesion paired with extremely good scratch and chemical resistance. Superior UV protection ensures excellent color stability. The product allows efficient working because it dries fast and can be applied with all commonly used spraying equipment (such as double membrane pumps and cup guns, for example). Spraying behavior and overspray absorption have also been improved compared to other clearcoats. The brilliant finish obtained is both very easy to polish and easy to clean. It is also resistant to minor damage so that defects such as dust inclusions can be removed easily and without leaving a trace.

Just as all other products of the Glasurit 68 Line, the 924-68 HS CV Clear is of course VOC compliant. It meets all the requirements that today's customers want a modern and brilliant as well as scratch and UV resistant clearcoat to meet - and it also features unsurpassed application and appearance properties. This makes the Glasurit 924-68 HS CV Clear the new first choice for a long lasting and attractive vehicle finish.

Source: Glasurit

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