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Glasurit 284-45 CV White Filler Offers Flexible Ways for Superior Painting Results on Vehicles

Published on 2012-01-24. Author : SpecialChem

The new white CV filler from Glasurit does an impressive job in bodyshops that paint high-quality commercial vehicles. Glasurit 284-45 CV Filler, white, the full product name, can be used more flexibly and ensures even more brilliant painting results on buses, cabs and fire engines than its predecessor.

The new white filler, developed by Glasurit especially for painting high-quality commercial vehicles, ensures an even better quality painting result and offers even more flexible ways to achieve this than its predecessor 284-25. In conjunction with Glasurit 922-180 CV Filler Hardener, the new 284-45 CV Filler ensures a better topcoat finish, more brilliance and more gloss thanks to its improved flow properties.

The significant improvement in the finish quality is accompanied by even more flexible use. The white filler can be used not only as a wet-on-wet filler; it can also be sanded after drying if required. It is the ideal base for brilliant light shades that require a white surface. On top of this, the new CV filler can be tinted to match the topcoat or a defined grey scale even more easily than its predecessor. It thereby ensures better covering power, particularly for difficult shapes. As a result, bodyshops also save time and topcoat. The new CV filler is also very flexible with respect to surfaces. It is distinguished by excellent adhesion and can be used on soft plastic surfaces in conjunction with Glasurit 522-111 Softface Additive.

In this way, Glasurit 284-45 CV Filler provides bodyshops with complete flexibility in creating brilliant painting results on high-quality commercial vehicles.

About Glasurit

Glasurit offers top-class products and services worldwide. This includes an information service network with persons to contact in almost all countries of the earth. With perfectly coordinated systems consisting of premium products and revolutionary service solutions, Glasurit ensures efficient work and brilliant business in bodyshop. Glasurit has over 100 years of refinishing expertise.

Source: Glasurit

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