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GE Introduces CoatOSil MP Aqueous Metal Pretreatment: Enhances Paint Adhesion and Corrosion Resistance

Published on 2006-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

WILTON, Conn -- GE Advanced Materials, Silicones introduced CoatOSil MP aqueous pretreatment system for metal. The CoatOSil MP pretreatment system delivers enhanced paint adhesion and corrosion resistance to a wide range of reactive metal substrates, including aluminum, cold rolled steel and hot dip galvanized steel. CoatOSil aqueous pretreatment system provides performance equal to or better than chromate-based and zinc phosphate-based systems, giving manufacturers an effective alternative to their use.

CoatOSil MP system is a two component aqueous pretreatment comprised of CoatOSil MP metal oxide sol and CoatOSil MP Y-15817 organofunctional alkoxysilane. The synergistic combination of these two materials creates a strong bond between metal and paint, resulting in exceptional anti-corrosive properties and adhesion when tested in salt spray environments.

"CoatOSil MP aqueous pretreatment system was developed to give companies who manufacture or process metals an effective and easy-to-use pretreatment that delivers high anti-corrosive and adhesion performance without many of the environmental risks or regulatory obstacles inherent in using materials containing chromium or phosphates," said Martin Wusik, global marketing manager, GE Advanced Materials. "Our tests demonstrate that steel and aluminum panels treated with CoatOSil MP aqueous pretreatment system showed Chrome free anti-corrosive performance comparable to state of the art treatments."

The CoatOSil MP system helps to simplify pretreatment processes because it is "dry-in-place" and can be applied using a dip, spray or roll coater method. Adjusting the concentration of the silane can easily control the coating weight of CoatOSil MP aqueous pretreatment system.

About GE - Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials business of General Electric Company is part of the Industrial business group and is headquartered in Wilton, Conn. Comprised of Silicones and Quartz, GE - Advanced Materials is a global leader in providing a range of high-technology materials solutions. The GE - Advanced Materials, Silicones' portfolio includes silicone-based products and technology platforms, silanes, sealants and adhesives. The Quartz portfolio includes high-purity fused quartz and ceramics materials. These materials solutions are used as springboards for innovation in hundreds of consumer and industrial applications ranging from car engines and integrated circuits to biomedical devices and cosmetics. Industries served include aerospace, agriculture, appliances, automotive, construction, electronics, furniture and furnishings, healthcare, home care, industrial, lighting, packaging, personal care, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, tire, transportation, and water purification. As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to a successful Games.

Source: GE Advanced Materials

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