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Florock Launches EcoBlend, a Decorative & Sustainable Range for Floor Coating

Published on 2011-06-20. Author : SpecialChem

CHICAGO, IL -- In its commitment to developing ever more environmentally sustainable solutions, Florock Industrial Flooring to introduce EcoBlend decorative and high performance aggregate blends, incorporating 25-33% recycled glass content -- more than twice the recycled material by volume than a comparable concrete resurfacing product by the leading competitor.

Florock Industrial Flooring introduces EcoBlend

EcoBlend offers architects and builders seeking LEED Certification for their projects the design flexibility they desire, while simultaneously helping them earn the points they need. By qualifying for LEED MR (Material and Resources) and EQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) Credits, EcoBlend, when used in the FloroQuartz or FloroShop concrete floor coating system, contributes to the significant financial, tax and other incentives that LEED certified projects enjoy.

Exceptionally versatile, EcoBlend may be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional flooring applications. Excellent for rehabilitating existing structures or as economical, eco-friendly options in new construction, Florock floor coatings are assembled by experienced technicians at the jobsite, therefore qualifying as regionally manufactured materials.

EcoBlend is just the latest step in the Florock company-wide dedication to greener manufacturing practices. Local Florock professionals are available nationwide to assist architects, contractors and building managers in choosing the best industrial floor coatings for their unique applications.

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Manufactured by Crawford Laboratories, Inc - Serving facilities nationwide, Crawford Laboratories, Inc. is a respected leader in the manufacture, research and development, and installation of solutions-oriented concrete floor coatings and toppings. Independently owned for over 58 years and located in Chicago, Illinois, Crawford Laboratories was founded on the principles of cutting-edge technology, innovation and impeccable integrity.

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