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Fenzi Group's UV Resistant, Highly Durable Duralux Solar Coatings to be Presented at GlassBuild 2011

Published on 2011-08-16. Author : SpecialChem

The new range of solar coatings by the Fenzi Group will be revealed at the Atlanta-based show taking stage from 12 to 14 September. The complete range of Duralux Solar Coatings for solar mirrors, developed and tested to meet the highest durability and wear tests for solar thermal systems, will enjoy pride of place among the most innovative products signed by the leading manufacturer of chemicals for glass reprocessing. These innovative coatings have been developed to ensure extraordinary chemical resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, the best performance when exposed to thermal and environmental stress and optimal resistance to abrasion.

The development of this type of applications for exploiting renewable energies is increasingly drawing the attention of professionals in the industry. As highlighted in the second Solar Symposium organized jointly by GANA and ASTM International at Baltimore at the end of June, the solar industry is the only sector featuring growth in the employment rate in North America, creating more jobs per megawatt than any other energy source. From 2010 to 2011 jobs in the solar industry grew 26% and solar energy demand is expected to grow 191% worldwide from 2009 to 2013 and by as much as 500% in North America.

Such a staggering growth potential necessarily calls for suitable products and technologies. Speaking at the Baltimore Conference, Dino Fenzi, President of the Fenzi Group, emphasized that it will be impossible to tap into this profitable business opportunity without quality products with higher-than-average performance. Referring to CSP mirror coatings, Dino Fenzi underlined the need for producing top-performing products. When installed in deserts, these special mirrors are exposed to the elements for decades: "It thus becomes imperative to ensure high durability standards, otherwise they will fail in these applications with loss of the investments made."

The solar industry cannot compromise on quality and coatings, which, if adequately applied and treated, can protect mirrors from numerous common problems and thus contribute to the efficacy of the technology applied. And this is exactly the area where the Fenzi Group has decided to expend its research efforts. Duralux Solar Coatings have such innovative characteristics that their specific tests required new reference parameters, which Fenzi worked out jointly with the industry leaders.

About Fenzi Group

The Fenzi group, despite the fact that it has production units in three continents, is still run by its founder's family. Much has been said about family businesses. Three strong points set apart the Fenzi style of interpreting this model: long-term planning, backed by the continuity of management, the handing-down of knowledge almost by osmosis from generation to generation, and a warm and personal business conduct. These are factors which to date have proved to be successful.

Source: Fenzi Group

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