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Evonik Launches FDA-compliant Eco-friendly Silicone Resin for WB Coatings

Published on 2019-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

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Evonik’s Coating Additives business line has launched a more environmentally friendly silicone resin, which has been specifically developed for waterborne coatings.

SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 Silicone Resin - Free of Organic Solvents

SILIKOFTAL-HTW3The new SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 is a heat-resistant silicone resin that meets all the requirements of a sustainable formulation. It is free of organic solvents and features a significantly reduced VOC content from production to application.

Colorful cookware is right on trend. Bright reds, deep blues, and vibrant yellows – pots and pans are increasingly becoming a design feature rather than simply a functional tool. This gives a dual purpose to the external coating: It must look good and withstand a fair amount of punishment.

Heat-resistant coatings for cookware and bakeware are certainly not new – but to date, they have been almost exclusively solvent-borne.

Unique Combination of Properties: Sustainable, High Performance, Easy to Use

SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 is suitable for food contact as part of the external coating. By eliminating critical ingredients, the silicone resin is not classified as hazardous according to GHS.

The combination of properties – high performance, ease of handling, and suitability for food contact – makes this product unique on the market.

Customers can enjoy greater freedom when formulating their coatings as SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 can be combined with numerous pigments and can be used anywhere stoving coatings are used.

This also includes, for example, toasters or other household appliances (electrical appliances). The working temperature resistance is 200°C. The high flashpoint of above 90°C offers corresponding benefits for storage and transport.

In SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 we offer a product that meets increasingly stringent regulations,” says Maximilian Morin, head of the industrial coatings market segment. “The extensive and vigorous development has paid off and is an excellent example of our efforts to continuously expand our portfolio and offer more sustainable products.”

Source: Evonik
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