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EPS Introduces Fluorosurfactant-free Acrylic Resin for Architectural Coatings

Published on 2022-08-03. Edited By : SpecialChem

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EPS Fluorosurfactant free Near zero VOC Acrylic Resin Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS) launches EPS® 2786, a new all-acrylic polymer that is an exceptional choice for high-performance gloss interior and exterior architectural DIY or professional paints.

Versatile Polymer for Glossy Enamels

EPS 2786 is a versatile polymer recommended for use in semi-gloss to high gloss enamels that require exceptional hardness and tack resistance in both white/pastel bases and fully tinted clear/neutral bases. It is ideal for institutional, commercial, or other high-traffic areas.

EPS 2786 also offers exceptional exterior durability and dirt pickup resistance (DPUR), rapid hardness development, gloss retention in both accelerated QUV-A (ASTM G154) and natural exposure testing, washability and scrub resistance (ASTM D2486) and abrasion resistance.

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Formulators often use migrating species, including waxes and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), specifically fluorosurfactants, to achieve block resistance. PFAS have come under increased scrutiny by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and regulators worldwide due to environmental and health concerns,” said Robert Sandoval, Ph.D., EPS R&D director.

Coatings formulated with EPS 2786 are capable of achieving same-day hot block resistance (50° C) within hours of being applied, without the use of intentionally added fluorosurfactants,” added Sandoval.

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Source: EPS

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