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ECKART at ACS 2018: to Introduce Pearlescent Pigments, PVD Pigments and more

Published on 2018-04-06. Author : SpecialChem

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At the ACS, ECKART will introduce its new product range. It will introduce EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange. The synthetic pearlescent pigments of the EDELSTEIN portfolio are based on premium layered silicates and on innovative, patented coating technology.

New Product Range

Synthetic Pearlescent Pigments

  • Both Topaz Orange and the existing EDELSTEIN Ruby Red shade combine highest chroma with excellent chemical and shear stability
  • EDELSTEIN CFX is the EDELSTEIN product variant with additional functional advantages, such as strong weather and humidity resistance as well as excellent intercoat adhesion

SILVERSHINE 400: Top in Brilliance, Metallic Effects and Opacity

SILVERSHINE 400: Top in Brilliance, Metallic Effects and Opacity

  • With SILVERSHINE 408 and 415, two new degrees of fineness were added to the existing portfolio
  • A unique combination of brilliance, metallic effects, and opacity are the characteristics of the SILVERSHINE 400 series
  • This is achieved by the advancement of the silver dollar technology: novel grinding processes, a very narrow particle size distribution, plus the careful selection of high-quality aluminum granules produce highly brilliant silver colors and an excellent flop behavior, ranging from smooth and structureless effects to classy sparkle

Suitable applications for the solvent based SILVERSHINE 400 series are high-end coatings and premium-quality ink systems, e.g., for vehicles, consumer electronics, and household appliances, but also for the graphic arts industry.

METALURE® Quantum – Supreme Silver Gloss

  • The three new METALURE® Quantum products 210100 MA, 210160 MA, and METALURE® Quantum 510105 BG provide a complement to the already established METALURE® range, a line of extremely fine aluminum PVD pigments with unrivaled chrome gloss
  • They are characterized by gloss effects up to 50 times higher than comparable products, seen from angles of both 20 and 60 degrees
  • The new PVD pigments fall into the very light to medium-bright color range and have a delicate blue shimmer as an undertone

Customers will benefit strongly from the technical improvements that the METALURE® Quantum family features: lower sieve residue, optimized particle distribution, and better adhesive properties.

METALURE® Quantum is recommended for a variety of high-quality coatings, ranging from consumer electronics to wheel rims, decorative purposes, as well as for producing mirroring effects in print applications.

The Very Latest in SDF – Semi-Degrading Flakes

Semi-degrading flakes provide higher shear stability compared to traditional Cornflake and Silver Dollar flakes while offering excellent brightness, flop, sparkle, and color stability

STAPA® HCP – Outstanding Chemical Resistance

  • The product portfolio of STAPA® HCP consists of acrylic encapsulated Cornflake and Silver dollar pigments
  • They were especially designed for single-coat plastic coatings and for coil coating. Due to the homogeneous and impermeable polymer layer, the pigments show high acid and base resistance
  • The silver metallic pigments are available in various degrees of fineness: from very fine grades with strong hiding power and bright optical effects to very coarse grades showing high sparkle effects and a pronounced flop behavior

STAPA® UCP – Double-Coated Pigments for Unique Stability

  • STAPA® UCP was developed for one-coat applications
  • It can be used for aqueous and solvent-based systems alike
  • These double encapsulated pigments pass the strictest chemical stability tests
  • They are highly resistant to hand-sweat and similar stresses
  • In addition, STAPA® UCP provides extreme gassing stability
  • Optically, the aluminum-based product portfolio stands out for its impressive silver brilliance and light reflection properties

Improved Performance & Effects for Powder Coatings

SYMIC PCE A001 is a new member of the SYMIC PCE family – pearlescent pigments with high weather resistance. It produces an even, neutral silver shade. The pigments’ high efficiency allows low dosage, reducing costs as a result. SYMIC PCE A001 can be employed in interior and exterior applications.

STANDART® PCS is a family of high-performance aluminum pigments, which are encapsulated in the special sol-gel process with a compact silicon dioxide layer. The new product in this series, PCS 600, is a luminous and extremely white silver dollar with unique hiding power. It creates smooth, even surfaces with high abrasion, chemical, and weathering resistance. STANDART® PCS 600 can be used for furniture, household appliances, and exterior applications.

STANDART® PCBF 3500 is designed for paint manufacturers who either do not have bonding technologies or have little experience with them – hence the affix PCBF, which stands for Powder Coating Bonding Free.

The non-leafing aluminum pigments are double-coated in a patent-protected process. The first layer of the particles consists of inorganic sol-gel silicate, the second of thermally hardened binder molecules. This creates metallic effects, which were until now not possible with powder coatings. Thanks to their high recovery stability, the application properties of the coatings that contain a PCBF pigment and that were produced by the Dry-Blend method are comparable with bonded powder coatings.

eConduct Replaces Pure Silver

ECKART’s range of eConduct pigments offers the perfect price-performance ratio when it comes to electrical conductivity. The pigments are much more cost-effective than pure silver, while providing stable performance and steady quality at the same time. eConduct pigments contain a silver-coated core made of aluminum grit or copper flakes. Suited to adhesives, sealants, and plastics, they can be employed in printed electronics and in coatings for electronic shielding among other things.

STAPA® 15 ZnMg 26 – Protection for Steel & Aluminum

STAPA® 15 ZnMg 26 is a plate-shaped corrosion protection pigment based on a novel alloy. The product is ideally suited for cathodic corrosion protection on steel and aluminum surfaces.

Source: ECKART
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