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DuPont Refinish Launches Cromax® Pro Surfacer in Three Different Shades

Published on 2013-04-02. Author : SpecialChem

DuPont Refinish knows the key to a perfect paint repair is often hidden - the prepared substrate. The new DuPont Refinish Cromax® Pro Surfacer, which comes in three different shades - PS1061 / PS1064 / PS1067 - the perfect substrate, is now always possible.

Inge De Jonge, training leader DuPont Refinish EMEA, says, "the hallmark characteristics of our new Cromax® Pro Surfacer includes excellent adhesion between the substrate and the subsequent paint layer, the optimal ValueShade® to match to the topcoat color, and a mirror-smooth finish."

The composition of our newest sanding surfacer is based on special, highly-reactive hydroxy-functional acrylics and polyesters. It can also be used as non-sanding surfacer with the addition of the non-sanding converter AZ9032. Conveniently, it can be used with existing DuPont Refinish thinners and activators or alternatively with the new High Performance Activators - AR7305 and AR7306 for extra durability.

The new surfacer is easy to apply and well-suited to overall, panel and spot repairs, and with its high solids it provides very high film build coupled with low product usage. The surfacer demonstrates excellent sag resistance, the possibility of application in only one and a half coats, and reduces baking times. The surfacer can be coated with all DuPont Refinish topcoats.

PS1061 (white), PS1064 (grey) and PS1067 (black) can be mixed, in differing ratios, to achieve all seven shades of grey in the DuPont patented ValueShade® technology, guaranteeing the very best color performance of the topcoat.

About DuPont Refinish

DuPont Refinish, the dynamic corporate aftermarket paint brand of DuPont, provides professional bodyshops around the world with unique, innovative paint systems and localized business solutions that increase customers' productivity, from the reception area to the delivery of the repaired vehicle.

Source: DuPont Refinish

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