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Dow Corning to Introduce New Products at LabelExpo 2006

Published on 2006-08-30. Author : SpecialChem

At Labelexpo Americas 2006, Dow Corning Corporation introduced eight additions to its already extensive Syl-Off® Advantage Series solventless silicone release coating "toolbox." The new products include coating, crosslinker and release modifier choices that give customers more ways to not only reduce their need for costly platinum catalyst but also improve processing, line speeds and release performance.

According to Norm Kanar, Dow Corning Americas Area market manager for release coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives, "The Advantage Series is the only line of low-platinum, solvent-free coatings with a solid global track record of proven performance. The system has demonstrated its effectiveness in more than 60 coating operations in 23 countries."

Advantage Series coatings deliver record-breaking line speeds, reliable, robust cure below 35 ppm platinum (which reduces coating costs), and low misting with good coverage.

The eight new Syl-Off® Advantage Series products are:

  • Syl-Off® SL 400 Coating
  • Syl-Off® SL 800 Coating
  • Syl-Off® SL 1 Crosslinker
  • Syl-Off® SL 5 Crosslinker
  • Syl-Off® SL 6 Crosslinker
  • Syl-Off® SL 7 Crosslinker
  • Syl-Off® SL 20 Release Modifier
  • Syl-Off® SL 80 Release Modifier

Syl-Off SL 400 and SL 800 Coatings are designed specifically for use with Syl-Off SL 1 Crosslinker. When used with SL 1 Crosslinker, these coatings deliver excellent anchorage, good cure at ultra-low platinum levels and minimal misting at speeds up to 1,000 meters/minute. They also offer excellent bath stability, which gives coaters more operational flexibility, and medium release at high peel speeds, which makes them useful for high-volume production. Their suitability for lamination with a variety of adhesives and their stable anchorage to a variety of substrates, including super-calendered kraft and glassine, further contribute to their flexibility in meeting end-user requirements. Both coatings provide improved zippiness when used with hot melt adhesives. SL 400 Coating contains a low-temperature (EtCH) inhibitor, while SL 800 Coating contains an extended bath-life (maleate) inhibitor, which increases thin-film bath life.

Syl-Off SL 5, SL 6 and SL 7 Crosslinkers reduce misting at the coating head during high-speed application and enable cure at low platinum levels. SL 5 and SL 6 Crosslinkers offer a good balance of cure and anchorage performance and are suitable for use with most Syl-Off® solventless silicone release coatings. SL 5 Crosslinker is recommended for solving the toughest silicone mist problems. SL 7 Crosslinker, which minimizes mist at speeds up to 1,600 meters/minute, offers good anchorage to and stability with many paper substrates, giving coaters greater flexibility in substrate selection. It is suitable for lamination with a variety of adhesives, which makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of laminate constructions.

Rounding out the expanded Advantage Series product lineup are two new high-efficiency release modifiers. Syl-Off SL 20 Release Modifier contains a low-temperature (EtCH) inhibitor and offers high levels of release modification when dispensing at high speeds. Syl-Off SL 80 Release Modifier contains an extended bath-life (maleate) inhibitor that provides excellent thin-film bath life. Because these modifiers are high-efficiency, customers can achieve higher release forces with less modifier.

Kanar says, "Advantage Series coatings can help reduce platinum catalyst-related costs significantly in certain high-volume applications. But it is not just about controlling costs. It is also about providing the options our customers need to increase their productivity and deliver exactly the release performance the end-user requires."

About Dow Corning solutions for the pressure sensitive industry

Dow Corning offers a comprehensive line of silicon-based release coatings and adhesives for pressure-sensitive applications. Products are available worldwide. Local technical support and customer service are available globally as well. The company also provides unique material and service solutions designed to help customers expand into new markets, grow their business and succeed.

Dow Corning provides performance-enhancing solutions to meet the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. Offering more than 7,000 products and services, Dow Corning is a global leader in silicon-based materials. The company is equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated. More than half of Dow Corning's sales are outside the United States.

Source: Dow Corning

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