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Datum Develops Polcoatâ„¢ Coating Process for Finer Polyimide Conformal Coating

Published on 2011-10-13. Author : SpecialChem

Polcoat™ is a new award winning coating process for the deposition of fine polymer films directly on to conductive surfaces. It is a key enabling materials process for the protection conductive surfaces reliant on nano-tech miniaturization.

Most conductors will oxidize if left unprotected. Usually a high performance polymer film is used to protect vulnerable surfaces. As products move to the nano-scale, the relatively thick films on the market become a limiting factor in further miniaturization. Examples of polyimide films on the market include Apical, Kapton, UPILEX, VTEC PI, Norton TH and Kaptrex.

Polcoat™ uses a new process to deliver a conformal coating of polyimide. Because the process is a finely controllable deposition process, for the first time polyimide films can be tailored in thinness to meet the precision requirements. The coating process is suitable for advanced precision engineering use in energy generation, plastic electronics, aerospace, medical and composites. The developers of the Polcoat™ believe the product will deliver high value to many strategically important growth markets. Just a few examples of high value target applications get a mention here. Applications such as printed or plastic electronics will enjoy significant benefit, where micron-scale coatings need only be applied to the patterned electronic surfaces. Equally there are a multitude of applications for products aiming to deliver durable transparent conductors for communications and display.

Medical products will benefit from high conformal coatings to products with complex topology that creates challenges for the coatings industry. Polyimide is a qualified material of choice for many medical applications.

Polcoat™ is attracting strong interest in the field of composites. It is ideal for fine coating conductive carbon materials, to make durable lightweight carbon composites for aerospace and military use. Polcoat™ is easily combined with precision alloys to make durable components for filtering and sensing applications in chemicals, food, gas & oil production.

The benefits of Polcoat™ are:

  • Fine coatings targeting the range between 1-25 micron
  • Excellent conformal coating uniformity over conductive surfaces
  • Clear, transparent and smooth polymer surface finish
  • Excellent corrosion resistance across a broad temperature range
  • Coating suitable for innovation in composite materials across a range of strategic innovative markets
  • About Datum Developments

    Datum Developments is a private UK venture. They use expertise in electro chemistry to develop products and processes for the precision manufacturing applications. Their capabilities include coatings and photo chemical machining. Their customers make the high tech hardware for products used in aerospace, automotive, natural resources, communications and medical markets.

    Source: Datum Developments

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