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Crown Trade Unveils 'Non-yellowing' Acrylic Satin Trim Coatings for Glossy Finishes

Published on 2011-10-12. Author : SpecialChem

Following the recent launch of its New Build Acrylic Gloss system, a 'non-yellowing' alternative to traditional gloss formulations, Crown Trade has enhanced its product offer for the new build sector further still with the launch of Crown Trade Acrylic Satin.

The new trim coating is formulated to deliver an elegant and contemporary finish on wood and metal and responds to the trend for customers to opt for more subtle lower sheen satin finishes around the home.

Like Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss, Acrylic Satin has been introduced as a logical alternative to the many traditionally formulated alkyd based satin and gloss trim coatings on the market, all of which have the propensity to 'yellow' over time.

Because Crown Trade Acrylic Satin is virtually solvent-free, it has minimal odor and is much more pleasant to work with than traditionally formulated trim coatings. It can be applied by synthetic brush, medium pile roller or spray and is very quick drying too, touch dry in 1-2 hours and ready for overcoating in just 4-6 hours. When work is complete all equipment is washed in water rather than white spirit.

Crown Trade Acrylic Satin can be used to decorate new wood and correctly prepared and primed metal substrates, to which a coat of Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Primer Undercoat has been applied.

It is also suitable for use over existing solvent-borne gloss or satin finishes which have been abraded to give a key and thoroughly washed down. Where the application of Crown Trade Acrylic Satin will result in a color change, a preliminary coat of Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Primer Undercoat is recommended.

Whilst Crown Trade Acrylic Satin is equally suitable for use on new and refurbished substrates, it is in the new build sector where Crown Trade sees the biggest potential as Senior Brand Manager Debbie Orr explains:

"Alkyd-based gloss and satin trim coatings all contain chemicals that will cause decorative finishes to 'yellow' over time, a problem which became more pronounced when manufacturers reduced solvent levels to comply with the most recent round of VOC legislation. Accelerated yellowing seems to be most prevalent in the new build market where these traditional finishes are applied over substrates such as MDF or are exposed to certain adhesives and building compounds, so this is where decorators and their clients will reap the most benefit from making the switch."

"Crown Trade's new acrylic finishes will not visibly yellow over time no matter what the conditions, and in terms of whiteness and sheen level they also offer an better match from the outset to the pre-finished doors and much of the contemporary furniture found in the modern home."

Crown Trade Acrylic Satin has been launched in White in a 5 liter pack which will deliver up to 14m2 coverage per liter depending on the substrate and prevailing conditions.

About Crown Trade

Crown Paints is the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer, with a history which goes back as far as 1777. For them, meeting customer needs means more than getting the right color; they design and test their products to provide the highest coverage performance with the greatest longevity on the surface; they devise schedules that minimize costs and maintenance; they develop paint systems that offer flame retardant, moisture resistant or hygiene properties; they offer services that enable professionals and specifiers to get the most out of their products and of course, they do get the color right, with the industry-leading SCAN code helping to ensure precise color matching and specify DDA complaint color schemes more easily.

Source: Crown Trade

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