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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Introduces New Effects and Expanded Services at the European Coatings Show

Published on 2005-04-21. Author : SpecialChem

With its overall theme "Your Road to Success", Ciba will be showing visitors how to enhance products and meet demands with a wide variety of new offers at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg from April 26-28, 2005, Hall 4, Stand 447. Information on Ciba's activities at the Show can be accessed online.

"We are presenting a host of ever more colorful, more durable and more exciting new developments," says Hermann Angerer, Global Head of Ciba' Coating Effects Segment. "Our latest offers include effect pigments, new pigments and additives for inks and for automotive, industrial and decorative coatings, new technologies for packaging as well as other applications, and expanded color-matching services."

Effect pigments

Ciba is introducing a high-quality, high-value range of vacuum-metalized aluminum pigments that give a wide choice of shiny, sparkling and mirror-like effects. Ciba® METASHEEN® pigments are suitable for a broad variety of end uses, including packaging, paints, inks and cosmetics.

In addition, Ciba is presenting pearlescent pigments - added to its range through a new joint venture involving China's leading manufacturer and supplier of pearlescent pigments - for applications such as coatings, plastics, inks, cosmetics and paper making. These decorative effect pigments can reproduce the special luster and color of natural pearls and metal on surface coatings and plastics.

A new range of fluorescent pigments, developed to meet customers' requirements, expands the wide choice of effects that Ciba now offers the market.

New developments in automotive, industrial and decorative coatings

In the automotive, industrial and decorative coatings sectors, Ciba is showing new colors, photoinitiators, antimicrobials and UV absorbers. The latest developments include brighter colors with higher strength, more powerful protection for coatings against the elements, and class-leading products to support the growth of water-borne coatings and those free of volatile organic compounds.

Novel shades with higher durability for automotive coatings

Designed for alkaline substrates, plasters and automotive coating systems, Ciba® IRGAZIN® Yellow 2GTA is the most alkali-resistant bismuth vanadate pigment available today. Ciba® IRGAZIN® Magenta 2012 is the latest addition to the Ciba® IRGAZIN® 2000 series of high-value pigments for industrial and decorative coatings. With its high tinting strength, outstanding weather fastness, very good bleed resistance, very good flow and excellent chemical resistance, IRGAZIN® Magenta 2012 is suitable for numerous applications, including architectural and automotive coatings, and agricultural and construction equipment.

New products for UV curing include Ciba® IRGACURE® 2022, a versatile, easy-to-use photoinitiator for opaque formulations and UV-stabilized/UV-cured systems. Ciba is also presenting new concepts and systems for UV curing: photolatent bases are additives that on the one hand allow "on-demand", light-induced curing of paints, and on the other hand achieve an excellent balance between pot life and reactivity. This technology paves the way for a new generation of UV-A-curable clear coats for car refinish applications. A further highlight will be Ciba' new UV plasma curing technology for coatings on three-dimensional substrates. This technology not only ensures the excellent properties of UV-curable acrylate-based coatings but also allows curing of "shadow areas", thereby enabling scratch-resistant UV-curable coatings for the automotive industry.

Ciba® IRGAGUARD® H6000 is a new silver-based biocide designed specifically for the decorative and industrial paints market. In hygiene coatings, IRGAGUARD® H6000 provides excellent antimicrobial protection against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

New UV absorbers include Ciba® TINUVIN® 479, which has the highest extinction coefficient and photo-permanence of all commercially available UV absorbers. TINUVIN® 479 is designed for demanding applications such as clear coats and for thin film applications such as automotive window glazing and sunroofs. Another new addition, Ciba® TINUVIN® 477 DW, opens the door to high-performance, water-based coatings with nano-form UV absorbers. TINUVIN® 477 DW, which has been developed to protect UV-A radiation-sensitive materials, is specifically designed for water-borne adhesives and coatings on substrates such as wood, plastics and glass. Ciba® TINUVIN® 152, a non-migrating radical scavenger specifically designed for automotive coatings, is especially suitable for high polar or catalyzed systems for coatings over plastic parts.

Ciba® TINUVIN® 5236 is a high-performance liquid UV absorber for solvent-borne and UV-curable industrial and decorative coating and adhesive applications for wood, plastics, printed goods, glass, etc.

The latest trends in graphic arts and digital imaging

Ciba will be showing two new photoinitiators for UV curing systems and varnishes. Ciba® IRGACURE® 379, which combines low odor with good solubility, has been especially designed for dark colors. Ciba® IRGACURE® 127, a unique patented photoinitiator, ensures outstanding cure speed in clear coats and enhances performance in pigmented systems. Ciba® IRGASTAB® UV 10 and new Ciba® Experimental CGS20 are in-can stabilizers that enhance the lifetime of inks and varnishes and provide substantial environmental benefits.

High gloss, brilliance and transparency for graphic arts and packaging

In the aqueous inks and varnishes sector, Ciba is introducing Ciba® IRGALITE® Rubine 4BV, a process rubine with excellent millbase and ink stability. Ciba® GLASCOL® 500, a new series of alkali-soluble acrylic resins, combines easy handling with excellent ink properties, including stability, printability and solubility.

New products for liquid packaging and specialty inks include Ciba® CROMOPHTAL® Violet GM, a bluish shade pigment, and Ciba® CROMOPHTAL® Violet GL, a reddish-shade pigment, two new high-performance pigments with excellent dispersability, rheology and rheological stability at high pigment loading, as well as high gloss, transparency and color strength. Ciba® IRGALITE® Yellow AXFL and Ciba® IRGALITE® Yellow BXFL are two new process pigments with excellent rheology for alcohol-rich and ester-rich solvent-based inks. Ciba® TINUVIN® 460 is a new-generation UV absorber that allows application of thinner layers thanks to optimized UV absorption characteristics.

Ciba is introducing several new pigments for use in digital printing and imaging. Ciba® CROMOPHTAL® Jet Cyan GLX is a new fine-grade pigment with very high color strength for water-based ink jet inks. Ciba® IRGASPERSE® Jet Yellow 2G and Ciba® IRGASPERSE® Jet Magenta 3BL are two new high-performance water-soluble dyes with high chemical purity, high brilliance, and superior fastness properties.

Ciba® MICROLITH® Magenta 4B-K is a new yellow-shade magenta vinyl pigment preparation especially designed for solvent and UV curing in wide-format ink jet printing. This product has outstanding color strength and gloss, high flocculation stability and good rheological behavior, very fine particle distribution and excellent light and weathering fastness. Two new polymers for ink jet media that help to improve light stability are Ciba® GLASCOL® R910, a modified polyvinyl alcohol that ensures excellent print quality, and Ciba® GLASCOL® R420, a new zwitter-ionic polymer for photo-glossy media. Ciba® TINUVIN® 520L is a new halogenated amine light stabilizer (HALS) for use in water-soluble ink jet inks and ink jet paper coatings.

New technology for facilitating printing and adhesion

In addition to new products, Ciba is presenting a completely new technology for improving printing and adhesion on plastics. Conventional treatments to improve wetability and therefore adhesion are not stable and surface modification is uneven, resulting in variations during printing and coating processes. Using its combined expertise in photoinitiators, printing and polymers, Ciba has developed Ciba® Prime IT™, the first durable surface modification technology for plastics. Prime IT™ improves adhesion of UV-curable inks, coatings and adhesives on a wide variety of plastic substrates. This new technology is suitable for labels, flexible and rigid packaging, smart cards, and commercial printing.

New and expanded color-matching services

New Ciba® COLIBRI™ color matching software will be featured at the Konica-Minolta stand, no. 551, in Hall 1. COLIBRI™ enables highly efficient matching of opaque, translucent and transparent colors. It is suitable for inks, paints, plastics, fibers and ceramics.

Ciba (SWX: CIBN, NYSE: CSB) is a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value effects for its customers' products. We strive to be the partner of choice for our customers, offering them innovative products and one-stop expert service. We create effects that improve the quality of life - adding performance, protection, color and strength to textiles, plastics, paper, automobiles, buildings, home and personal care products and much more. Ciba is active in more than 120 countries around the world and is committed to be a leader in its chosen markets. In 2004, the Company generated sales of 7 billion Swiss francs and invested 288 million in R&D.

Source: Ciba

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