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Charmor™ Polyols are high performers for Fire Protection

Published on 2005-02-01. Author : SpecialChem

Perstorp has introduced Charmor™ polyols for use in fire-protective intumescent coatings. The micronized polyols now including even finer milled versions have been found to perform very effectively by giving extra thermal insulation. Small changes to individual components contained in an intumescent formulation can make a significant improvement to end-product performance.

Fire is a critical environmental concern due to the destructive effects of heat, flames and smoke on people and property. In the past some forms of fire protection, such as those utilising asbestos, actually posed a danger to the public in terms of a health risk. Nowadays intumescent coatings are a safe and effective means of providing passive fire protection to various substrates. In construction projects, the growing use of structural steel requires a dedicated form of insulation in order to maintain the strength of buildings in the event of fire. At very high temperatures, steel profiles distort and become weaker, which may lead to their collapse.

Intumescent coatings are used wherever people and property need to be protected from fire. When fire breaks out, winning time is crucial to evacuating people and limiting the amount of structural damage.

"Higher standards in fire protection have led to growing demand for fire-protective paint. Our polyols are used widely as char-forming intumescents providing thermal insulation to delay and limit the effects of fire", says Adrian Harden, Product Manager.

Charmor™ polyols from Perstorp provide the char strength necessary for optimum performance of the intumescent coating. A matter of additional minutes can save lives.

Source: Perstorp

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