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BYK Unveils BYKJET® Family, Wetting & Dispersing Additives for Inkjet Inks

Published on 2011-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

Outstanding wetting and stabilization of all commonly used pigments is a key requirement for inkjet inks to guarantee high color strength, high gloss and transparency, as well as low haze.

Excellent pigment deflocculation will also lead to strong viscosity reduction of the pigment concentrates and the final inks. Both the concentrates and the inks also need to have long-term storage stability without viscosity shift.

For inkjet inks a very low particle size of the pigments and a narrow particle size distribution is of utmost importance. Coarse particles will have a negative impact on the filterability of the inks, and, in general, on their processability and application performance.

The high quality wetting and dispersing additives of the BYKJET product family are specifically designed to fulfill all these requirements.

Additives are available for solvent-borne, aqueous and solvent-free UV-curable formulations:

  • BYKJET®-9130
  • BYKJET®-9131
  • BYKJET®-9132
  • BYKJET®-9133
  • BYKJET®-9150
  • BYKJET®-9170

About BYK

BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the leading suppliers in the additives and measuring instruments sector. Approx. 87% of its sales are generated outside Germany. Its major foreign markets include neighboring European countries, the USA and the Far East. BYK Additives & Instruments is a member of ALTANA AG, Wesel. ALTANA develops and produces high-quality innovative products in the specialty chemicals business. BYK Additives & Instruments currently employs 1,200 people around the world, with approximately 25% of them working in research and development.

Source: BYK

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