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BYK-Chemie is entering a new market - UV absorbers

Published on 2006-08-17. Author : SpecialChem

The company now offers three nanotechnology-based additives that provide long-lasting UV protection for aqueous furniture coatings and wood care applications: NANOBYK®-3820, NANOBYK®-3840 and NANOBYK®-3860.

Today, the market for UV absorbers is still dominated by organic products, but these have a great disadvantage: they degrade and migrate under the influence of solar and artificial UV light, losing their protective properties. Inorganic materials such as BYK-Chemie´s zinc oxide-based NANOBYK-3820, NANOBYK-3840 and NANOBYK-3860 remain stable and retain their effectiveness. Unlike most competitive products, the additives of the NANOBYK-3800 series are liquid, easy to incorporate and safe to use. They allow easy access to nanotechnology!

BYK-Chemie supplies three grades with varying sizes of zinc oxide particles for different film transparency requirements.

  • NANOBYK-3820 is a dispersion of 40% 20nm ZnO particles in water,
  • NANOBYK-3840 is 40 % 40nm ZnO particles in water and
  • NANOBYK-3860 is 50% 60nm ZnO particles in water.

Source: BYK-Chemie

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