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Bona Launches Traffic HD, a 2K PU Finish to Prevent Wooden Floors from Damage

Published on 2012-04-12. Author : SpecialChem

Bona, one of the market leaders in products for wooden floors raises the standards again, introducing a new 2 component polyurethane finish to meet the ultimate demands coming from wooden floors exposed to extreme wear. With significantly improved development of early performance resistance, Traffic HD offers ultimate durability, already 24 hours after applying the finish.

No doubt, Bona's long history of efforts towards more sustainable products also is reflected in the Traffic HD formulation, reducing the VOC content by over 40 % compared to the classic Traffic. The almost undetectable odor underlines the sustainable impression of the finish. In every aspect, Traffic HD surely is the finish for the future, setting a complete new standard as an ultimate performing finish for professional contractors, designed to last, year after year, in extremely high traffic areas such as f ex airports, hotels and shopping malls.

Building on the strong reputation of the world-wide known Traffic, Bona now takes another step towards high performance finishes where ultimate performance regarding durability is demanded. Bona Traffic HD offers fantastic wear, scratch, scuff and chemical resistance on the very top of expectations, making Bona Traffic HD the obvious choice in high traffic areas as airports, hotels and shopping malls. When it comes to wear, Traffic HD now offers double wear resistance compared to the already high performing Traffic. Whatever may come - bring the Traffic HD on!

However, ultimate high traffic performance at its very best isn't enough for Bona. Bona stretches boundaries in every aspect, always setting the contractors and end customers need in focus. For that reason we've improved the curing speed and early durability so that life can begin only 24 hours after application.

"This is surely a unique advantage," Håkan Lindell says, Strategic Product Manager for the professional product range at Bona. He continues, "Our mission is always to support and develop the conditions for the contractor and end customers, beginning with our product systems. Traffic HD is another fine example of this. With the early performance development characteristics of Traffic HD, the contractor will clearly have a unique offer, being able to save valuable time for the end customer, enable him to recapture his business floor only 24 hours after finishing. Now, this is great customer value," Håkan Lindell wraps it up with a big smile!

Bona's proactive development is since long based on putting health and environment in the center of all they do and develop. Bona constantly focuses on finding new solutions that improve product performance and working conditions for the craftsman. Traffic HD is no exception. The continuous strive for lower VOC products are of course reflected in Traffic HD, decreasing the VOC content to a level below 5 %.

About Bona

Bona has been a trusted name in indoor wooden floor treatment and installation for nearly 100 years. Professionals in 50 countries around the world rely on Bona products for their businesses.

Source: Bona

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