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Benjamin Moore Issues 2005 Color Trends

Published on 2005-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

We may not yet be sure what colors will dominate the fashion runways of Paris, Milan and New York next year, but with the release of Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2005, we do know what the interiors of our homes could be wearing.

The palette for the year ahead, comprised of 24 hues, is characterized by a "bluing," an outcome of frosting, washing, cleaning and diluting the colors. Additionally, according to Doty Horn, Benjamin Moore's director of color and design, we'll be seeing the interplay of light with color. "It will be a year of color in motion, highly conscious of the fact that color breathes and changes with the times of day as well as our own moods. Color is dynamic, not static; forceful, not inert. The key here is light - it is what effects our reading of each and every hue."

In her report to the design industry, Horn identified four overriding trends for 2005: Water, Femininity, Stability and Expressionism.


A vital life source, water has an impact on us in so many ways. It refreshes and revives us; nourishes and restores us. Water visually captivates us, whether it's a serene lake…a rippling river…a cascading waterfall…a foaming rapids…an icy pond. We're engaged by the translucency…the reflective quality…the rhythmic sounds it can create. We're enthralled with the mystery of how this elemental liquid can take the shape of a drop…a wave…a glacier. More than ever, our culture thrives on water. The trend colors for 2005 range from glacial hues of icy blue to the organic green viewed at the ocean's depth and include: Benjamin Moore's Spring Valley 438; Waterfall 2050-50; Blue Jean 2062-50, Ash Blue, 2057-40; Summer Basket Green 2040-40; and, Glacier Lake 867.


There has been a return to our "nurturing" selves. We seek it out in so many ways, but particularly in our own homes. (Just think of the current spate of TV shows, magazines and even retailers who cater to this interest.) Compassion has become a byword and is strongly associated with this movement toward the softer, more feminine side of humanity. The colors responding to this trend are warm, sensual, harmonious, and include Benjamin Moore's Malton 1073; Meadow Pink 1011; Victoriana 1263; Frozen In Time 1448; Henderson Bluff HC-15; and, Coral Essence 2007-40.


A sense of well-being is, of course, a universal desire. And, hand-in-hand with that feeling comes stability. There is a palpable mood of increased confidence. We are able to prioritize our lives and what we want. Sophisticated, classic hues are in the forefront with this emergent trend. Colors represent a balance: charismatic yet calming; spirited yet grounded. They bring a fresh new spin to the neutral family. The Benjamin Moore® colors reflecting Stability include Super White; Grége Avenue 991; Peach Brandy 112; Trailing Vines 1505; Ashland Slate 1608; and, El Cajon Clay 1260.


As we experience this new "stability" it has a freeing effect on us. We are empowered…emboldened…expressive. Individuality is valued. This trend is telegraphed through colors that are more vibrant and artful; hues that are unexpected contrasts such as Benjamin Moore's Tangerine Fusion 083; Four Leaf Clover 573; Tangerine Zing 132; Fuchsine 1343; Firefly 299; and, Tropical Teal 734.

Considered one of the leading color authorities, Benjamin Moore & Co. annually issues its Color Trends Report. It is looked to as an important decorating barometer, helping both professional designers and homeowners determine what colors to choose when it comes to furnishings as well as paint.

"We provide this direction as a point of inspiration," said Horn. "It's meant to prompt one's own tastes, and to encourage further exploration and experimentation with a palette's possibilities. Ultimately, though, the choice should be colors that make you comfortable and happy."

As Horn reminded, the colors that are named in the Benjamin Moore Color Trends Report are representative of a family of color - each can be made lighter or darker to satisfy one's personal preferences plus the needs of the space where it will be used.

Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, was founded in 1883. One of the country's leading manufacturers of premium quality paints and stains, Benjamin Moore products are sold through a network of authorized, independent retailers. The entire Color Trends Report, including 4-x-4-inch chips packaged in a handy clear case, will be available soon after the Christmas holiday season at Benjamin Moore® retailers.

Source: Benjamin Moore & Co.

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